What is hiccup? | How to remove the hiccups

What is hiccup?

What is hiccup ? and How to remove the hiccups ? We have all suffered some annoying episode of hiccups with which we had to do a thousand watches to make it go away quickly. Just a few days ago a story came out that has gone viral: a boy has discovered how to get rid of hiccups in just 12 seconds.

It is true that most of us do not tend to suffer long bouts of hiccups, rather, it is a fact that comes up rarely. However, we must know that many others do suffer from chronic hiccups .

What is hiccup?

To learn how to remove hiccups, we first have to know what it is to identify it well and know the causes that produce it. Hiccups appear when air passes quickly and involuntarily through the vocal cords, producing that relatively high-pitched sound that we all remember.

This happens when the diaphragm , that muscle under the lungs, contracts involuntarily and is contained by the closure of the glottis, thus causing that short, high-pitched sound.

The cause that causes it has not been found, although there are some habits that can favor its appearance:

  • Eating too much
  • Eat spicy foods
  • Drink carbonated drinks
  • Swallow quickly either food or drink
  • Have a laughing or crying fit
  • Suffer a sudden change in temperature

How to get rid of hiccups in 12 seconds

In most cases, hiccups disappear in the same way they appear, there are many home remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation and that we are all familiar with. However, for today we bring the definitive trick to get rid of hiccups in just 12 seconds .

Forget spending several minutes holding your breath, drinking on your stomach , being suddenly scared and all those things that we have all tried at some time in a desperate act.

A boy who usually suffers from hiccups an average of four times a week found the solution for everyone, or at least he says so or at least this method works perfectly for him. His attacks usually last for an average of several minutes and each time he suffered them his stress level increased.

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Putting his head in motion, aided by his ingenuity and tired of trying to make the hiccups disappear, he found the solution. She started by holding her breath and began to walk through her living room, thinking about stretching while still holding her breath and preparing to place her hands on the top of her door frame and lean forward . As shown in the photo above.

The hiccups were gone in seconds. The back must be arched, one must lean with the help of the weight of the body and go through the door frame. This position must be kept for 30 or 60 seconds while the air is being held in the lungs. Ideally, take in a good amount of air and retain it while exercising.

How to get rid of hiccups with other tricks and remedies

This method worked perfectly for this person, which arose as a result of desperation, ingenuity and chance, however, we will also discuss some other tricks to know how to remove hiccups , which never hurts to have several options for action in those cases.

Eat a lemon wedge

It is a matter of “fooling” the body. Taking a lemon wedge causes all our attention to be on that citrus acidity and our taste buds will be alert to that flavor, relieving the attack of hiccups almost instantly. To improve the taste, you can add a little sugar for the less brave.

Breathing with the help of a paper bag

It involves breathing into a paper bag repeatedly. The level of carbon dioxide in the blood rises considerably and will make the hiccups stop.

Extend the diaphragm

You have to slowly inhale the oxygen until you notice that no more air is getting into your lungs. You must hold this air for 30 seconds and then gently expel it. It is an exercise that must be repeated several times so that our body relaxes and the diaphragm stretches correctly.

Take a tablespoon of some of the following foods

Eating a tablespoon of sugar, cocoa butter, nutella, peanut butter, or honey will make it easier for the hiccups to stop as well as calm cravings for sweets. Ideally, introduce that spoonful and leave it in your mouth until you finally swallow it delicately. This action causes you to generate more saliva, causing the diaphragm to relax.

The methods we all know | How to remove the hiccups

These two remedies do not fail, they do not fail at least to try, who has not heard that drinking cold water and swallowing it without breathing would relieve you of the hiccups, or else, simply holding your breath as long as possible or drinking a drink upside down.

They are tricks that we do not really know where they appear from but that we all know. The world of hiccups is very curious , although we must remember that a part of the population is more prone to these attacks and they are really annoying. For this reason, we recommend that if the hiccups persist for hours or even days, a doctor should be consulted.

In younger people, and more focusing on babies and newborns, it is much more common for them to suffer from it, for this reason there is no need to be alarmed either. It is an involuntary act of the human body that in the first instance is not serious but it is when it occurs continuously.

Do you know more remedies that serve to remove hiccups? Tell us how hiccups are removed in your case.

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