Types of hair straightening and which one to choose

Types of hair straightening

There are many people who want to have straight hair for any occasion, so there are already ways to always wear it perfect. There are several types of hair straightening that we are going to talk about, because each person can choose one or the other depending on what they need.

There are different ways to straighten your hair , some of them temporary and others permanent or lasting several weeks. We tell you what its advantages and disadvantages are to be able to choose the one that best suits what each person needs or wants for their hair. So if you are thinking of straightening your hair, take note of these ways to straighten your hair.

Straightening with irons

This is the most common thing for all of them, and is that nowadays the hair straighteners are of quality, they take care of our hair and they also offer good results. Straighteners remove moisture, so hair is much smoother than a blow dryer.

They are also easy to use and there are different sizes, finding them even in travel size. The disadvantage that we see with this type of straightening is that it is not permanent and only lasts until you wash your hair again . And it is not infallible if there is humidity in between.

Japanese straightening

Japanese straightening is one of the most effective out there and ensures a smooth, moisture-proof mane . In addition, when the hair grows, we will only have to do it at the roots. It is perfect for women with curly and very wavy hair who want a perfect straight on their hair. One of the drawbacks that can arise is that it is one of the most expensive out there, but the results are perfect.

Keratin straightening

Keratin or Brazilian straightening has been very popular, as this type of straightening helps damaged hair to recover. It nourishes the hair and has an effect that lasts from 4 to 6 months . It is for very curly or damaged and frizzy hair, in which the straightening is noticeable, but the hair is not as smooth as with Japanese.

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It is cheaper than Japanese straightening but it has the disadvantage that formaldehyde is sometimes used, a substance that when inhaled is carcinogenic. Another drawback is that for a few days you can neither wash your hair nor use rubber bands so that it does not fit the shape. You also can’t use dyes in about 15 days.

Laser smoothing

This blue laser closes the cuticle and the hair is healthy and hydrated . It is a novelty when it comes to caring for and straightening hair. It involves using a straightening product on the hair and then separating it into strands to apply the laser.

It’s fast and then you don’t have to wait more than a few hours to wash your hair or do hairstyles. The best thing is that it is a treatment that cares for and straightens the hair and that can be used on all types of hair, from curly to wavy, and on hair that is dyed or not.

Smoothing with taninoplasty

This is one of the newest hair straightening treatments. In addition, it must be said that it is one of the best in the sense that it is much more natural, so it will take much more care of our hair.

The taninoplasty comes from the tannins , which are in the skin of the grape, in the oak and in the chestnut. In the process, the hair is washed with a sulfate-free shampoo, dried and the product is applied in strands, massaging. Leave it to act for half an hour and finally seal it with an iron. This treatment lasts as long as it takes for the hair to grow, when it will have to be retouched.

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