Types of artificial flowers to fill your home with color

Types of artificial flowers

Types of Artificial flowers are a good alternative to fill your home with color. Not as good as natural plants that provide not only freshness but numerous benefits to interior spaces, but an alternative after all that we can always contemplate.

“Where to put a real one” This tag commonly used when someone expresses a positive opinion about artificial flowers has some truth, but there are many and varied reasons to bet on them . In addition, today his designs are much more realistic.

Why choose artificial flowers

Artificial flowers have many advantages over natural plants or so see those who bet on them. They are eternal but also a real dust magnet, so it will be essential to clean them often. They do not have the aroma or freshness of the natural ones either, but there are important reasons to choose these types of flowers:

artificial flowers

  1. Cold or hot they allow you to enjoy the flowers all year round , live an eternal spring.
  2. When the lighting conditions are not suitable for natural plants to develop, artificial flowers allow you to have a piece of garden all year round.
  3. If you can’t make your plants survive or you can’t or are willing to take care of them, using artificial plants and flowers is a good solution.
  4. They do not need almost any care , except regular cleaning.
  5. They do not present pest and insect problems And neither of certain allergies.
  6. Today it is possible to find very realistic designs. In the 1950s, plastic plants were terrible. Ultra-realistic flowers are now created in materials such as latex, silicone or fabric that capture shapes and textures in great detail.

Types of artificial flowers

Artificial plants lack some of the main charms of natural specimens, however their designs are increasingly realistic. You can also choose from the size of the specimen, which can range from a complete plant to just a stem in flower, to the material.

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According to the type of presentation

Among the most common types of artificial flowers include cuttings, stems, branches, flower spikes, and flower shrubs. Knowing them can help you decide with more criteria which one or which of them may be more appropriate for your project.

artificial flowers

  • Cuttings are artificial flowers on a single, fairly short stem, made to look like freshly cut flowers.
  • Drop-ins are individual stems of artificial flowers or greenery placed in groups and tied in a bundle with a piece of ribbon or twine.
  • Flower spikes are clusters of artificial flowers that are sold in a variety of stem lengths. Some contain a single type of flower, others appear as a grouping of different varieties of flowers.
  • Flowering bushes are similar to flower spikes, but they tend to look more like a flowering plant than a flower cluster. The stems of flowering shrubs covered in leaves and flowers can make a nice centerpiece.
  • The branches of artificial flowers resemble the branches of flowering trees. Because of their size, they are generally used in arrangements that are displayed in a large pot placed on the ground.

According to the material

Plastic, latex, silk, paper artificial flowers are created from many materials . This influences, of course, their aesthetics, but also their price. Low to medium quality artificial flowers are relatively inexpensive, but high quality ones are not.

  • Plastic . Since the 1970s, polyester has been the most widely used material in the production of artificial flowers. Today, PVC and Peva are also used to create increasingly realistic designs that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Latex . These are made using real plants and flowers as a mold, allowing the leaf veins and uneven contours to be captured in fine detail
  • Fabric / Silk . They may seem very real, but they can have certain drawbacks. They are more expensive than latex and if they are not of quality, over time, the edges of the flowers can fray.
  • Paper . Paper flowers are very creative. Sometimes they do not bet on them so much for their realism as for the vivid colors that they can bring to any surface.

As you can see, you can achieve very different effects by betting on artificial flowers, since the variety of flowers and colors is unimaginable . In addition, you can change them whenever you want, saving them and replacing them with others. Thus, you can once again transform any space in your home at any time.

Have we convinced you to bet on this type of flowers?

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