Tips to save on household bills

household bills

Tips for saving on household bills are always welcome. Especially at this time when the prices of all services are on the rise. Not only energy services or daily consumption services such as water or gas . Every month they face a lot of bills that take a good part of the money that comes into the house.

In order to save with all these bills, it is very important to take into account some tips like the ones you will find below.

Since it is not only an economic question, which it is and the most important of the reasons. It is also that those bills mean the consumption of a lot of natural resources. So learning to save on bills will also help you have a more sustainable life .

How to save on household bills

When a time of great energy consumption arrives, such as the winter months, it is very important to prepare the home very well to avoid wasting energy .

Being comfortable at home is essential, there is no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean overlooking the fact that a lot of money goes into this energy waste . Without forgetting what that means for the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.

To keep your house warm without abusing energy and thus be able to save on the electricity bill, you can follow the following tips .

  1. Replace all traditional light bulbs with low consumption ones . In the long run you will notice the difference in terms of energy consumption. On the other hand, the useful life of these bulbs is much longer than that of traditional ones.
  2. Insulate your house very well . When using heating systems, it is essential that the heat is collected indoors. Make sure doors and windows are well insulated so heat cannot escape.
  3. Use energy efficient appliances . Your energy consumption will be much lower than that of the worst quality appliances.
  4. Load the washing machine well with each use . If you can’t fill it completely, choose short programs and hit the half load button.

Save on other bills

In addition to the electricity, water or gas bill, every month we face a lot of payments for other services that are essential today. Among others, are the internet and telephone bill or vehicle , home or health insurance. If you do a good comparison regularly, you will save a lot of money between all the bills.

On the internet you can find comparators that save you a lot of work . But the best thing is to call the companies directly and ask that they make an adjustment to the invoice. If your services are annual contract, you must make your calls at least one month before the contract is fulfilled. In the case of vehicle insurance, the regulations indicate that it is two months in advance.

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However, there is a law that protects consumers in certain cases. For example, if your insurance premium increases and you are not notified in advance, the contract is no longer valid and therefore you can break it even if you do not notify it with the indicated two months in advance.

On the other hand, internet and telephony services have a similar standard. If they make you an offer for an amount during a certain time and within that period that contract is no longer respected, it is no longer valid . So the companies are obliged to renegotiate the conditions.

Como consumer should know what your rights are , because only then get to save on your monthly bills. Review the payments that are made automatically by the bank each month. In many cases, the bills go up without you barely noticing. What after a few months, can mean a large increase in the amount.

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