The tricks to make your winter makeup perfect

winter makeup

We are going to a time when the cold will make our skin look totally different, that it has other needs that it did not have in summer and therefore, we must pay special attention to all this. How? Well, following a series of basic steps or tricks so that winter makeup is the perfect one for our face .

Both paleness and drier skin can lead to their appearance , but we don’t want that. So, we must follow a series of steps so that it does not happen. We need to keep skin hydrated and radiant more than ever. Do you know how you can get it? Now we tell you how.

May you never miss the serum!

As you well know, the serum is one of those products that has endless advantages . For that alone, it already has to be in our beauty routine. Being a very concentrated base, it will make it act quickly and it is what we need. Hydration will be the main protagonist on our face, leaving behind dryness problems.

In addition to giving it more light and saying goodbye to fine lines. In short, your skin will look more silky but that’s not all, it will make your foundation last even longer. So remember, a couple of drops, a gentle massage and prepped skin.

Proper primer and creamy makeup

Nor is it necessary to change our entire routine, or have to buy a makeup for each case, but make slight variations. One of the first is to choose the right base in terms of its formula so that you can enjoy silkier and more hydrated skin . In the same way, when we already have it, the makeup will not be left behind, because we also need it to be creamy. Since we need that softer texture and that leaves us a silky finish.

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Something that in winter is not always easy to find. You can choose a luminous shade, but remember that it must contain the sunscreen factor as well.

The blush also in cream so that your winter makeup is perfect

If you bet on the blush, the creaminess of it will also be very helpful. Because only then will we get a smoother texture. Since when the cold is very intense, you already know that everything can crack and that is not what we want for our skin. Especially when we are going to spend a lot of time in the cold.

So, we should not take risks and therefore, this winter season we will change our blush for a cream one . Isn’t that a good idea?

Go for lipsticks in softer shades

It is true that, depending on the event, we like some colors more than others. The intense colors on the lips are a safe bet for those more elegant moments. But it is true that we must be a little careful because perhaps the color of the skin with the lipstick can create a too striking and unflattering combination .

So, it is best to bet on softer colors. Although if you have a skin tone with a lot of color, you can take a risk and enjoy the deep red or burgundy color.

Glitter for eyes

The eye shadows do not have problems, in fact, in this case even the brightest touches and the iridescent ones are the most successful . Because it is a time in which we must indulge ourselves in the most vibrant colors, but as we are seeing, always depending on what area of ​​the face.

A touch of silver with the trend colors in brown or pink finishes will be your best allies so that your winter makeup always triumphs: Skin hydrated to the maximum, products that maintain said humidity and colors in the form of vibrant shadows. What do you think about the idea?

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