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This society forces us to walk, run from place to place. But rushing doesn’t mean thinking more agile, doing things better, or going through our obligations faster than the list. So why not try to change things?

We live in a hurry. We feel the need to be productive , doing one thing after another and replying to messages promptly. We dream of a quiet meal, a day off and of course the holidays, but when they come we can’t always disconnect. Do you feel defined? It’s time to put a stop to this.

Meeting a friend for lunch and paying more attention to your phone? Are your conversations always about work, how busy you are and how little time you have? Don’t know what to do or do you feel bad when you have a few free hours? Transforming haste into a lifestyle often brings it along. stress and anxiety . And no, we know it’s not easy to replace the chip but here are some tools to do it.

is a priority

What is important and what is not? Each of us has a different value scale, and therefore it is very likely that we will answer this question differently. The important thing is to be consistent about what occupies the most important place in your business. pyramid of priorities . Because no, not everything is equally important. Giving ourselves time to reflect on this and set priorities is just as important as arranging our next day or week accordingly.

things one by one

Deal with things one by one. Are you on the phone with a friend? Focus on the conversation. Then you can join the e-mails coming to your phone or make a shopping list. Are you going to sit down and eat? Avoid distractions and enjoy your meal by muting your mobile phone. Prioritize everything and give time . Do them now and consciously. We earn a day not by hurrying, but by doing a lot in a short time.

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learn to say no

What seems the simplest is probably the most complex. on countless occasions we put the wishes of those around us first, on their own. Losing our friendship, because they won’t let us out of work again, because they think we are selfish… Do we have time if others want it, or we do it because we stop even thinking about it. I feel selfish for doing this. And with every such thought, our psychological health is weakened, and with it our capacity to enjoy.

Set programs and disconnect | rushing

Setting limits is not only recommended, it is necessary. On the one hand, time limits help us avoid distractions. determined to focus our attention on a single activity . Define work hours and a time for each task to be completed to avoid cluttering the brain with other things.

It also sets the limits of technology. . The possibility of constant connection has created such an addiction that we feel compelled to reply to all messages instantly. Directness has become a double-edged sword with which we must learn to live together.

When we need to pay attention to a certain task or activity, muting mobile notifications or keeping them in a drawer is a way to understand that not everything is urgent, nothing delays things. Do you feel nervous doing this? Configure the phone to receive calls only from people you intend to attend urgently.

enjoy what relaxes you

Is there a particular activity that makes you feel good? Take a walk, read a book, go to the gym, talk to a friend, have a quiet cup of coffee, take a bath… The important thing is to reserve time during the week for these things and to enjoy them without being distracted. When planning your week, mark your favorite color for the time you’ll devote to them, be it 15 minutes a day or an hour twice a week… and pay attention to that. has.

And have you made haste become a way of life or are you keeping it away?

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