Swollen face when waking up | its causes and its remedies

Swollen face when waking up

A Swollen face when waking up is quite common. It is true that you always have to look for its origin to try to prevent it from happening again. But without a doubt, it is one of those sensations that we have experienced on more than one occasion. You get up, you look in the mirror and you see that something has changed.

It doesn’t even look like your face, but it is. Sometimes, the swelling can appear under the eyes , while other times we can notice it around the mouth and even in other parts of the face. You don’t have to worry too much! Here you will check all its causes and of course, you will discover its remedies.

Causes of puffy face on waking

One of the clearest reasons for seeing a swollen face when waking up due to fluid retention . Above all, when said swelling is visible in the eye area and is accompanied by a slight feeling of fatigue. On the one hand, this fluid retention may simply be from the position we have adopted when sleeping or from our diet.

By accumulating fluids at the same time as certain toxins, it is common for the eyelids to swell and sometimes the cheek area as well. So, on this side we should not worry excessively.

But if the swelling is accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, a fairly strong headache or fever, then we will have to go to the doctor. More than anything because it can be the cause of a reaction to some type of treatment you are taking or indicate other types of diseases.

Remedies to eliminate puffy face upon waking

The most common is that the problem lies in fluid retention. So to avoid all this we always have some remedies at our fingertips. The first and most important is to drink a sufficient amount of water .

When we say water, it also serves as infusions or soups, but its amount is around two liters a day. In this way, we will eliminate toxins, purify the body and our organs will be sufficiently hydrated to fulfill their vital functions.

We cannot forget the natural juices . More than anything because in addition to hydrating us, they always fulfill that function of leaving us with the best vitamins. Every morning you can already have a glass of water with lemon.

Which will get your body running smoothly, saying goodbye to toxins it doesn’t need. Tomatoes as well as watermelon are also important. Both for being rich in water and for the minerals and vitamins they have.

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We will have to reduce the amount of salt in our meals . Something that does not favor the body since it will make our kidneys not able to fulfill their purification work. In the same way that we have mentioned salt, we must be careful with sugars. They won’t leave us anything good either. It is not necessary to eliminate them completely, simply limit their consumption.

If you woke up with a fairly swollen facea quick and effective trick is to prepare a chamomile infusion. Instead of making it with a sachet of the infusion, add three. Heat the water in the microwave, add the sachets and wait a few minutes. Then, remove them, let them warm a little and take it to the fridge.

We need it to be cold to apply on the face. We will have to soak a cotton ball with the infusion and massage the face with it. You will see how after a few minutes of having applied it, the swelling will go down noticeably. Dry and you can start the morning in the best possible way.

Remember to hydrate a lot both inside and out! Because in this way, your body and your skin will thank you.

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