Soft Skills | What are the most valuable ones?

Soft Skills | What are they? What are the most valuable ones?

In recent months we have proposed different fashion4pk professional social networks , where we encourage you to create a profile to strengthen relationships and earn job opportunities. If you’ve done this on LinkedIn, you’ll know what we mean when we talk about soft skills.

LinkedIn encourages you to complete your profile includes soft skills. But what do you mean by these terms? And more importantly, do you know which of them are most in demand, and therefore it will be interesting to add them to your profile in this and other professional social networks?

In the vocational field, knowledge and experience are essential to finding and developing a job. But the transverse skills are those that you as a worker can contribute to work teams.

What are soft skills?

In business, we hear the word ‘skills’ more and more often, or what we can translate in Spanish as soft skills and more specifically means ‘soft skills‘. social skills that one acquires in daily life , and this enables people to integrate successfully into their work environment.

In other words, the social, communication and language skills you need to face in your personal and professional life. While they may not be considered hard skills that shape your personality in a big way, they can make you stand out about other candidates.

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Soft skills can be divided into three categories : interpersonal skills, social skills, and methodical skills. Categories that answer the following questions: How do you behave as an independent individual, how do you behave as a social individual? And how do you face challenges?

What are the most requested?

Soft skills are starting to play a leading role in education. selection processes, particularly in certain industries and markets where they can make you stand out in your dealings with colleagues and customers. But what are these skills that are most in demand?

According to research conducted by professional social networks, being determined in the face of possible problems, having critical thinking and communication skills are among the most sought-after skills. LinkedIn goes further, pointing out the three main regions most searched for:

  1. Problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity.

  2. The ability to deal with complexity and uncertainty.

  3. Communication.

If you can improve your skills in these areas, you will have the opportunity to stand out. They are necessary and valuable in business environments and are translated into specific skills that can guide you and help you name them, such as those in the table below.

How do we refer to them?

We may feel blocked when it comes to name our skills or refer to them in our curriculum on social networks. We’re used to listing different research and experiences, but they’re not the hardest soft skills to present.

List a large list of skills It can be tempting, but be careful not to add skills you don’t have to the list. While they cannot be demonstrated with a certificate, they can be questioned both in the list of interests on your resume, as in your motivation letter for an application, and in the future interview.

be smart when including skills in your profile or resume. Focus on the specifics of the job you are seeking and select the skills you have that stand out for the job. Some positions require you to face a new challenge individually every day, so skills such as independence or flexibility are important.

Others are dominated by teamwork, so having emotional intelligence and communication skills may be more important.

Having a solid set of soft skills is something invaluable in any job today. So think about which ones stand out among you and don’t forget to somehow include them in your resume, cover letter, or interview, whether written or spoken.

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