How to reduce inflammation of a pimple | the best tricks!

inflammation of a pimple

Today we are going to discover how we can reduce inflammation of a pimple without having to regret that later we have marks. Because we are very given that when a grain appears, the hands go running to touch it to be able to exploit it. Of course, this simple step is not the most suitable for our skin.

We all know that if we touch or squeeze it, instead of having a pimple, we will find that its infection has spread and that it will leave a slight mark. Something that we neither want nor need. So, nothing better than some home remedies and we will say goodbye forever.

Top 6 home remedies for pimples

Without a doubt, we cannot even think about what we would become of home remedies. These help us in all matters of beauty and we know that it is always better to bet on the most natural ingredients. So we will always know what we have in hand. So, take good note of what follows!


To reduce swelling, nothing better than an ice cube . A quick and easy way, as well as economical, for our grains to say goodbye forever. If when we have a blow, we resort to putting something ice cream on, in this case it was not going to be less. Of course, try to wrap it in a piece of cloth, before it touches the skin.

We will leave it on said grain for about five minutes and we will see how little by little said inflammation will be reduced.

Garlic is also perfect to reduce inflammation of a pimple . How can we use it? It is something very simple. Crush two cloves of garlic with a few drops of lemon. We will apply this paste on the grain and let it rest for about 15 minutes. We will have to repeat it a couple of times a day.


Since we have mentioned it, as one who does not want the thing, now it comes as a great protagonist. Lemon is also another of the basic ingredients to be able to reduce inflammation of a pimple.

In this case, you can only make a combination of the juice of a lemon with a teaspoon of salt . Mix well and apply on the area to be treated. You will see how the healing process is a little faster, thanks to the properties of lemon and of course, salt.

Apple vinager

Without a doubt, apple cider vinegar is also another of the basic ingredients , thanks to its acidity. With half a glass of vinegar and three of water we will make a mixture. To this we will add a teaspoon of salt. At night, we have to wash the face with this combination.


The toothpaste contains fluoride and will be he who can help us in our mission. It will also be vital in reducing any swelling. It is very simple to use, since here you will not have to do any kind of mixing.

You just have to take a little toothpaste with your fingers and place it on the pimple in question. You have to wait a few minutes for it to dry. Then you can remove it with water. Of course, you can repeat until you see how the grain disappears.


Now it is the turn of aspirin . We need to crush one of them and we will add a few drops of water to it. We will mix well and we will have a paste. Now it only remains to put on the grain again.

Then, you will have to rinse it with water. With a couple of times a day you will see how the inflammation also leaves you calm. Something that will be great to get rid of the pain first and then the pimple that has been bothering you for days.

How to squeeze a grain

We must remember that we must touch the grains as little as possible. But it is true that putting up with ourselves is not always an easy task. Do you want to know how to pop a pimple? Then get it right.

Inflamed pimple without tip

You will not be able to burst it because you have to wait for that small tip of pus to come out , which is quite visible. For this type of pimple, you can look for some of the previous solutions that we have discussed, in order to reduce the swelling.

Softens the skin to explode the pimple

It will always be easier, when we have a little ‘softer’ skin. This is achieved after the shower, we always notice how the heat will open the pores more . Of course, if it is not time to shower, a little steam towards the pimple or applying hot water will also do the trick.

Extract the grain with alcohol

To avoid all kinds of new infections in the pimple, nothing like helping us with a little cotton or gauze. We will pass this gauze impregnated in cotton and we will pass it gently through the grain. In this way we will be cleaning the area well. Then you will take a new gauze and try to squeeze just a little bit.

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Since when they are ripe, exploding a grain is a simple task. You need to remove all that dirt that is on them, including a clear liquid that comes out of the pimples and even a few drops of blood. When you no longer add any of both, you will be clean!

How to remove a cystic pimple?

There is a very effective home trick to eliminate internal or cystic pimples that is to take a gauze, moisten it with warm water, and then cover the pimple with it for about five minutes . After that time, it will have softened, so the pus will come out easily and you can remove the pimple as we have explained before.

I popped a pimple and got a wound!

Yes, it is one of the surprises that you can take. After doing the steps we have discussed and popping a pimple, it is common for a wound to remain . But don’t worry, it will heal. We have to think that we are talking about a pore that had an infection and now that it is clean it has been open.

In order to close it and cure it, we need an astringent product, since they are the ones that help the skin heal. In this case, nothing like a facial toner. Avoid touching it as little as possible, except when cleaning!

How to cure an infected pimple?

To do this, we recommend placing a damp gauze on top of the pimple for a few minutes to see if it opens. If it does, perfect, because all the pus will come out and you can clean it later with physiological saline. In the event that it does not, then it will be preferable that you apply some special cream for pimples that the pharmacist can advise you.

How to make a grain ripen quickly

Deflate a pimple, we have it quite clear, but now we want it to advance a little more until it matures. That is, until we can see that spike of pus and start cleaning.

Well, although not all grains are the same, it is true that we can give them a boost. How? Well, one of the most common is to put three drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and place it on our grain. Repeat this action both in the morning and at night and you will notice the difference.

How long a pimple can last

The truth is that it will depend on the type of grain itself. That is, the inflammation of the same, as well as if you have more or less depth and even if we have manipulated it too much.

So giving a specific time is quite complicated. But we can mention that they usually last about a week or two to see how it leaves us. Of course, it can be much less time if we apply the good advice.

Why do I get pimples on my head?

To finish, we want to explain why they appear in your head. And there are times when they can be painful pimples. Well, there are different causes : stress, genetics, lack or excess of hygiene, following a diet rich in carbohydrates, and even hormonal imbalances.

If they come out, we have to clean them with facial wipes, and creams . But if we have painful pimples on the head, it is preferable to take medications that the doctor will prescribe.

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