What are the most frequent negative thoughts?

negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can appear almost spontaneously in our lives but because of this they can cause great discomfort, especially psychological. They will influence in a negative way, just as they are themselves, so it is convenient to attack them as soon as possible.

Because if we do not solve them, anxiety or even depression can be part of our life . Since by not being able to control them, negative thoughts will attract many other thoughts of the same nature. If this is your case, do not worry because you can stand up to them.

What are the most common negative thoughts

Dramatize the situations

If something bad happens to us, we still get to the worst. That is to say that from the negative we still make our brain recognize that it can be the worst. Hence, we are in an almost dead-end loop. We should not dramatize so much, even if it is complicated, and we should see the good in each moment of each situation , because surely there will be something positive in all of it.

Always think of extremes

Extremes are always said to be bad. Therefore, we must find a balance between the two . It’s like saying black or white, nope, because there is a gray scale that also favors us a lot. There will be the balance in not letting ourselves be carried away by everything bad and looking for that little ray of sunshine.

Always see ‘tragedies’

A bit linked to dramatization, but it is that sometimes when everything surpasses us we see the future as a tragedy and also the present, everything that is put in front of us. Hence, we start to think that it will not work out or that what we do will not make sense. 

Quite the opposite! If it hasn’t happened yet, why anticipate? It is one of the negative thoughts that will affect us the most.

Cruel opinion about oneself

Negative thoughts are also linked to having a fairly negative opinion of yourself. It seems that we want to fight against ourselves and no, we must fight against those thoughts but giving the best of ourselves because each one of us is unique .

Tend to generalize

As something happens to us on a regular basis, we usually generalize as if it were going to happen to us as usual . But no, if something happens to us it does not have to be repeated and if it is in our power, much better because we will do everything possible so that it does not happen. There we will have to fight negative thoughts with all our might.

Blame you for everything

Although sometimes we are to blame for something in particular, we should not blame ourselves for everything . But it is true that as a negative thought it is one of the most common. We do not trust ourselves and hence we think that everything bad is around us.

How to control and avoid negative thoughts

The truth is that it is not something easy to avoid but we can get to control them. Even if it costs us a bit, it will be worth it. It is always said that when such thoughts come to our mind, it is best that we write them down . Because perhaps when passing through our head they may seem much worse and once written and analyzed they will not be so much.

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On the other hand, we must study them a little, analyze if they really are that bad or if they have a solution . Because if they do, we shouldn’t worry so much. In addition, it must be said that the vast majority will. To be able to root them out, is to turn them around. 

Try to find the good, the solution and the positivity. Changing perspectives is one of the best tips we can apply. When these types of thoughts are recurrent, it is because there is something else behind them, so it is time to bet on finding a solution and perhaps it is the professional who has the last word.

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