How to know which nail shape suits me the most

nail shape suits me the most

We love doing our manicures, enjoying the most disparate colors and finishes, but do you really know which nail shape suits you the most? Because in addition to all this we can also wear nails that go according to our fingers and our hands.

A perfect way to enjoy the styles that favor us the most, do you know what they are? Well, today we are going to explain the different types or shapes of manicure nails , the best known and which one you should choose according to what you need. Some of the simplest ideas that you can put into practice from now on.

Which nail shape suits me: Almond nails

These types of nails are called almond or almond nails because they actually have a shape of the nut that we all know. That is, slightly pointed but with a rounder finish at the tip. If you have narrow nails it is perfect for you, but not only for that but also because its optical effect makes both the hand and the fingers lengthen .

Hence, if you have them chubby, they will look more stylized. Also for shorter fingers it is one of the best options.

Oval shaped nails

It is one of the most requested shapes because it has a rounded finish and is easier to maintain . In fact, it is one of the most natural ideas that we can wear. To do this, we should not narrow it further without letting the growth of the nail itself follow and we only round the upper part.

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Who favors this nail finish? Well, to all those people who have narrow fingers. It will stylize and lengthen them, but it is still true that it is a finish that usually looks good in most cases and better with small hands. Because it is one of the best ways to wear long, but well-groomed nails.

Round nails

As the name suggests, they have a rounder finish throughout the nail, which makes a big difference from oval ones. Perfect for you, because they give more harmony and a more natural style than we could imagine. They are very easy to maintain every day, because they will be shorter than other types of nails.

But it is true that in this case they do not stylize, so they are not recommended too much for rather chubby fingers or hands that are small, but better for wider hands. But do not worry because you have other alternatives as we are mentioning.

Square nails

It is another of the nail shapes that we see the most, because as its name indicates, it has a square finish, leaving behind any spike or pointed part. In addition, they create a current effect, although it is true that it is a trend from other decades.

For whom are these types of nails perfect? For people with narrow hands . Because its optical effect is what makes the fingers wider like the nails.

Ballerina nails

They are known by several other names and one of the most common is Ballerina. But there are also many people who refer to them as coffin. Yes, because they simulate the shape of a coffin.

In this case, it is a finish slightly rounded on the sides but straight on the upper part of the nail . Knowing this, we also realize that the hands and fingers will lengthen. So if you have square and small hands or short and thicker fingers, you can also go for an idea like this.

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