Decoration ideas for a minimalist Christmas table

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Our minimalist Christmas table tend to have a little minimalist, but like all traditions this is also changing in many homes. There are many of us who bet not only on a minimalist decoration, but also on a simplified menu. And surely when you see our ideas to decorate a minimalist Christmas table you will be some more.

A minimalist table does not have to be bland, boring, or not very festive as in some conversations it is affirmed. It is true that they are tables that breathe and in which the decorative elements are simplified, but if the right ones are chosen, there will be no doubt about what is being celebrated.

The cover images inspire us to have an overview of what we mean by a minimalist table. They are tables in which neutral colors are chosen , although it might not be the case, and in which the outstanding elements are few but chosen .

The tablecloths

The tablecloths on a table of these characteristics have a great role, although it does not attract excessively attention. Ingredients that are obtained by betting on designs in natural fabrics that bring elegance and sobriety to the table.

A white or light gray linen tablecloth is always a success to decorate this type of table. They are colors that do not limit us and that always fit well with that white tableware that we have at home. On the other hand, colors such as brown or black are ideal for those who are looking for a table with more strength.


It is interesting that there is a certain contrast between the tablecloths and the crockery . Thus, on a table with white linen, the ideal would be to place a tableware in light gray tones and vice versa. And in the same way, on a table with a brown tablecloth, black plates will always look good.

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Although these small contrasts are currently a trend, do not give up the idea of ​​creating a monochromatic table combining linens and crockery of the same color. This bet is especially interesting when we talk about white and especially black. When it comes to black, betting everything on black is the best decision.

Details with napkin

The napkin on the plate can be accompanied by some small detail. In fact, incorporating handmade details such as the cardboard stars or the apple chips in the image above can become a nice touch with our guests.

You can combine these with others that you can find in a small walk through the nearest park (branches, leaves, pinecones) or in your pantry (anise stars, cinnamon sticks …). To finish the set you will only need a rope or a bow.


In a minimalist Christmas table there is no reason to give up a centerpiece . Sometimes, we mistakenly think that a minimalist space is one in which we renounce decorative details and nothing is further from reality. The ones we show you below, for example, fit perfectly in tables of this style.

You don’t have to be too complicated to create centerpieces with which to decorate a minimalist table. A source or a plate of the same crockery can serve as a support to place some candles and some vegetable elements that provide color and volume.

Moss and some branches with leaves if you are looking for that freshness typical of the different shades of green; Pineapples and dry branches if you prefer the sobriety of brown tones.

Candles are always a success because they allow us to create atmosphere in the room, before and after dinner. And in addition to the mentioned plant centers, you can place them on the table on modern design chandeliers or on wooden balls like the ones you see in images. These, along with other wooden elements, are ideal to recreate a Nordic-style table and add warmth to it, don’t you agree?

Do you like these decoration ideas for a minimalist Christmas table?

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