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manicure for short nails

The manicure for short nails also leaves us a wide catalog of options. It is something that we love because we see how long nails are always the main protagonists. One more season they are again but it is true that we do not have to give up what we like the most.

If you are one of those who prefer short nails for comfort, we also leave you with some of their trends for this time of year . Remember that this type of nails is also worn, so we must be very happy about it and show them off like never before, full of colors and style. Do not miss it!

Do not miss the red color in your hands!

Without a doubt, red enamel is always synonymous with good taste and elegance. So, also our favorite when it comes to painting nails. A red color with a glossy finish is undoubtedly perfect for all the moments that arise, both day and night. In short nails it will also stand out like never before and also, it never goes out of style. It’s your time to color your life!

French manicure for short nails

As we well know, the French manicure is one of the best options with which to dress our nails. Of course, in this case, as we are talking about shorter nails, what we have to think is that the French will come in a most subtle way. 

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Remember that before it, it is best that the nails are perfectly filed with their slightly rounded corners because it is the most natural finish as well as the cuticles. The French finish will be very fine, a really subtle line but that is elegant since it covers very little of the nail itself.

Manicure for short nails combined in full color

Colors cannot be lacking in our short nails and therefore, to make them look like long ones, there are colors. You can choose the ones you like the most and also, with or without shine. But that they have a great originality that is the basis of any manicure. 

manicure for short nails

From shades of brown to orange and of course, with floral finishes. To do this, you can alternate the nails. For example, one of each hand that carries the floral print while the rest are combined in solid colors. The finish is simply original.

Geometric manicure

The geometric finishes are another one of those options that never go out of style. In addition, they have the originality that they can be combined in colors and also in decorative details. 

They will be nails with squares or asymmetrical lines, therefore, so that it is not overloaded, we always advise not to do the same design on all nails equally. But you can alternate them in both hands. Surely you choose the one you choose you will be surprised by the result. It is one of those ideas that, whatever time passes, never go out of style.

Colored polka dots for your nails

As we mentioned, full color details are also a main part of your best manicures. In this case, the polka dots will add the most colorful note to a finish that is also always surprising. It is true that when the nails are long, perhaps we dare to paint larger polka dots and some points that stand out much more. 

But in this case we are going to be cautious and paint small dots in full color that are always one of the great resources. Because in this way, you can wear your manicure in each and every one of the moments and events that arise in your life.

We love! In addition to that they will put a lot of light for these more off stations. You will no longer be short of manicure ideas for short nails!

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