Tips for choosing living room curtains | fixed bars, rails?

living room curtains

The curtains are an element with which we can add or subtract style to a certain room. Despite this, in many households their choice becomes a procedure to which little or no attention is paid. To avoid this being the case due to ignorance, at fashion4pk today we give you some tips to choose the perfect living room curtains .

The curtains have a practical sense: to filter the light that enters the room and provide us with some privacy in it. However, as important as responding to these practical needs is to achieve a certain aesthetic harmony , especially in a room like the living room in which we are going to spend so much time. But how do you get it? Let’s go step by step.

Sheers and / or curtains?

To answer this question, it will help you to ask yourself others: What uses are you going to give to the room? Is it a very hot or very cold room? Does the sun hit hard? Do you have neighbors nearby? Analyzing the proposals you will know what type of curtain you need, whether a curtain, a curtain or a combination of both.

The curtains are translucent curtains that let in the light once filtered and allow us to see the outside while avoiding, of course, the prying eyes of our neighbors. They are a great solution, in homes with little natural light in which the objective is to achieve well-lit but intimate spaces.

living room curtains

The curtains can have different degrees of opacity, and therefore, more or less block the light that enters through the windows and can even block the heat. 

If you live in an area where the sun is very strong and enters the living room during the central hours of the day, you will need curtains. They will also be very useful if you use the living room as a resting space to relax in these central hours of the day.

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And why choose between curtains and sheers when you can combine the benefits of both? Combining curtains and curtains is common in our homes. Not only does it allow us to play with the light and avoid annoying reflections on the television, for example, but it can help us so that the living room is not so suffocating in summer and so cold in winter.

Plain or patterned living room curtains?

The return to organic to which the world of decoration has also succumbed, has made curtains in natural tones made of cotton or linen the most popular today to dress the living room. Curtains in ecru and beige tones are always a success on white walls, but these are not the only alternative.

living room curtains

The shades in gray tones have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade becoming the favorites to decorate contemporary spaces. In addition, living room curtains are currently adapted to another trend, that of warm colors . Ocher, terracotta or even yellow become a great alternative.

And what about patterned designs? Today, they have lost strength. Those that best match current trends are the two-color patterned curtains with small geometric / ethnic motifs and those with discrete vertical stripes.

On fixed bars or rails?

The bars add personality to the set, sharing the limelight with the textile element. They are the ideal system if you want to enhance a specific style to the room. The shape bars, for example, fit perfectly in both rustic and classic environments.

If, on the other hand, you want nothing to shade the curtains in the living room, rail systems are more suitable. Formerly the rails were installed flush with the ceiling and a velcro was incorporated in the front part of these to place a bandó; a steering wheel or band that served to cover the rail. 

living room curtains

However, these rails are currently hidden in the ceilings or through moldings to avoid this bandó that is considered old-fashioned.

If you have come this far you probably have a clearer idea of what type of curtains you want, in what colors and what system you want to use to hang them in the living room. It is not like this?

Still not sure which living room curtains you are looking for? So looking at images like the ones we show you will probably help you.

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