Is it possible to love and hate your partner at the same time?

Is it possible to love and hate your partner at the same time?

Is it possible to love and hate your partner at the same time? It is a contradictory thought that usually happens more times than one might think. One day it is about the person who is most loved in the world and another day because of a heated discussion, you can have such negative feelings.

In the following article we explain why these contradictory feelings towards the partner occur and what are the reasons for such mixed feelings.

Reasons for love-hate towards the partner

This contradictory feeling tends to happen more times than a person can imagine. You have to start from the idea that contradictory feelings are part of the emotional zone of the person and therefore, you have to know how to live with them.

However, the fact of feeling moments of love and hate towards the loved one makes the person question and question their mental health. If the person feels moments of hatred or aversion towards his partner, he enters into conflict with himself and what is known as cognitive dissonance occurs. E ste term occurs when certain beliefs and emotions are contradictory.

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In these cases and although it may seem quite complicated and difficult, it is important to know how to rationalize these moments and accept with all the law the mixed feelings such as love and hate

It is important to note that these feelings are totally ephemeral and usually last a short time. Fortunately, hatred towards the partner lasts a few seconds and love and affection eventually prevail.

People are not perfect

Loving and hating the loved one at various times in life indicates that no one is perfect and that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It is something totally normal to collide with the couple, hence, emotions or feelings are found as far apart as hatred or love. 

It is important to feel such a contradiction within the couple, as this will help the relationship to become much stronger and to achieve a certain well-being within the couple.

Love is nothing more than a wheel full of emotions of all kinds, from love to specific hatred . The key so that this does not end up breaking such harmony is in the fact that love, affection or affection towards the loved one always prevails.

In short, it is something normal in all relationships that there are specific moments in which you come to love and hate your partner at the same time. This is part of the human condition and should not be extrapolated to any type of mental or psychological problem. 

Luckily, hatred is something that ends up blurring with the minutes and love or affection towards the loved one always ends up prevailing.

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