Indoor stairs | Classic, Industrial, Minimalist, and Modern

Indoor stairs

Indoor stairs help us to connect the floors of a house. Beyond satisfying this practical aspect, however, they also become an important asset in bringing personality and style to a home. And it is that indoor stairs occupy a large volume and can become the protagonists of a certain space if we want to.

What style do you want for your home? Regardless of your answer, it will not be difficult for you to find some stairs that help you to enhance it. And there are many types of indoor stairs and very different in terms of their design. And in this we stop today, showing you different proposals for each style.


The wooden stairs in media or dark tones with worked railings have behaved as a central point of homes for decades and will continue. Their generally rounded shapes will continue to carry us back years, although they are currently being renovated with lighter colors and more discreet railings.

Indoor stairs

But wooden stairs are not the only ones capable of bringing that classic aesthetic to a living room. The stone or marble made with black metal railings also do it, that if providing an extra sophistication. And it is that these interior stairs are still the favorites to become the central element of hallways and living rooms of palatial houses and luxury homes.


New York loft took the industrial style to another level and since then many have sought to incorporate industrial style elements into their home. Metal stairs are a great alternative for this, making both aged metal sheets and metal grids a great ally for your design.

Indoor stairs

The metal grid is today the most popular resource in those homes that decide to bet on an industrial design staircase. And although it is generally bet on a black grid for this purpose, it is increasingly common to dare with white, blue, yellow or pink. The strong point of this alternative is that it is visually light and allows light to pass from one side to the other, becoming a great ally in those spaces where natural light only comes from one side.

Concrete is another material closely related to the industrial style. This provides a great “solidity” to the stairs, so we often find steps in this material combined with very light metal railings. These types of stairs look especially good in rustic and contemporary environments to which wooden elements are responsible for providing warmth.


If we are looking for a minimalist style, floating stairs are always an option to contemplate. The rungs of these stairs are generally supported on one of their sides, providing a visually very attractive sensation of weightlessness that should not be broken by a poor choice of railing.

Indoor stairs
Indoor stairs

They are not the only alternative to connect minimalist and avant-garde spaces and neither the safest if we have children or people with mobility difficulties at home. As long as we bet on clean lines and colors that integrate the staircase in the room, we will achieve an aesthetic consistent with this style.

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Modern, contemporary

Many of the designs we’ve talked about so far could fit this rating as well. And it is that in this very different stairs have a place that stand out for their shapes, concept or color . Indoor stairs that decorate modern, contemporary and avant-garde spaces that rarely go unnoticed.

Indoor stairs

What do these stairs have in common? Most of them combine different materials in their design: wood and metal, wood and glass, stone and concrete . Being stairs that either integrate into the environment or break with it, standing out from the rest of the elements and becoming the center of attention.

Indoor stairs play a very important role in the decoration of the home. They are one of the first elements that attract attention and become a great ally to enhance the personality and style of our home.

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