How to use aloe vera on hair

How to use aloe vera on hair

How to use aloe vera on hair ? Well, it seems that he still has a lot to offer us. Yes, believe it or not, it is one of the great products that we always need for beauty routines . One of the most versatile plants. It is not for less since it has minerals, vitamins and amino acids among other great ingredients.

So today we are going to learn how to use aloe vera on hair . Because our hair also needs to feel more perfect than ever and obtain all the properties of this plant. To do this, we just have to follow the following steps and you will enjoy a more than enviable mane.

How to use aloe vera on hair before shampooing

To help our scalp , nothing like adding a little aloe vera just before shampooing. In this way, we will try to eliminate dead cells but always taking care of this area, as it deserves. It opens the pores, so that all the benefits can penetrate more easily.

So, we will apply a little of our flagship product and spread it well. But as we say, only for the scalp area. We will let it rest for about 12 minutes and then, we will wash it as usual.

Aloe vera as a conditioner

Conditioner is another essential step in our hair wash routine . So, in this case he was not going to be left behind either. To still improve your conditions, nothing like making a combination of it with our aloe vera. You can make a mixture of both and apply it like a normal conditioner.

In a very short time of use, you will notice how your hair is more hydrated than ever, in addition to being much easier to style.

Much more defined curls

If you want to keep your curls more defined , then forget about foams or gels. Nothing like a little aloe vera for it. More than anything because this way we guarantee the naturalness and care of our hair. To do this, you only have to take a small amount of the product.

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You spread it through your fingers and you are directly shaping the hair but strand by strand. This guarantees that the waves are much more marked.

Say goodbye to hair loss

In addition to all of the above, aloe vera is also perfect for activating follicles . In this way, we will stimulate circulation. So hair loss will be reduced and hair will choose to grow much healthier and stronger than ever. So, you already know that every week you should apply a little of this products as a massage to the scalp.

Thanks to the hydration that it will also provide us, by the way, you will say goodbye to dandruff and dryness. What more can we ask for?

Gel mask

Although there are many products that have this ingredient, there is nothing like the gel directly from the plant. Thanks to him, you can make a kind of mask. Something that will also give you great benefits. You will take a bit of said gel and apply it to damp hair .

Now you just have to let it act for about 20 minutes. It is best to wrap your hair in a towel or hat. In this way we will be taking advantage of all its great advantages. Once the time has passed, we remove with warm water. Once a week, a mask of this type is more than recommended.

More shine in your hair

To make your hair shine a little more, aloe vera will also be perfect. But in this case, although you also need the gel, it will be in a different way. Add it to your favorite shampoo and mix well. Without a doubt, the combination of both will leave you with the most shiny hair. Of course, use it as you normally do.

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