How to treat a black nail

How to treat a black nail

How to treat a black nail ? A bumpy or bruised nail will turn black as a result of the blow received . It is the same as when we accidentally hit some part of our body, at the same time a little bruise appears.

In this article we will discuss what are the best treatments to cure a black or purple nail, what are the most common symptoms and what we should do if a nail falls off.

What are the best treatments for purple or black nails?

Prevention is the best solution to avoid any problem in the nails of our feet and our hands. Although there is no preventive system as such to avoid black nail, the ideal is to carry out the following recommendations to achieve a prompt improvement once we have injured ourselves.

Medical treatments for bruised nails without complications

Having a purple nail that has been hit in our hand is quite common. However, we have to differentiate the severity of the blow since sometimes the root can be damaged and its growth altered.

In addition, it can cause internal bleeding that makes it look quite unsightly aesthetically.

This nail bruise or bump, also known as a subungual hematoma, may be painless and may not require treatment. However, the pressure generated by the blood accumulated under the black nail can be very painful. To avoid pain, the doctor can perform decompression, also called trepanation, which will allow the blood to drain, relieving pressure and pain in the area.

After numbing the affected finger or toe, the doctor may use the following decompression methods to drain the blood:

  • Cauterization . This can be done with a medical hot wire or a carbon laser that is used to burn the wound. It is usually painless and quick.

  • With a needle. A large diameter medical needle can also be used to pierce the black nail. During the procedure the heated tip is cooled by contact with the hematoma and injuries are avoided.

After some of these procedures your nail will be bandaged and you will have to keep your fingers bandaged and you may need to use cold compresses for the first 12 hours. If you have to do something added, your doctor will have to tell you what to do and how. The only complication that could be is that you get infected.

In the event that the blow was too severe and you have a significant injury, in these cases it may be necessary for the doctor to perform stitches. But usually if the bruise is not very small and the nail is affected, after a few weeks the nail can come off on its own due to the accumulation of blood.

A new nail will grow in approximately 8 weeks if it is the hand, if it is a toenail it can take up to 6 months. The new growth of the nail can be with an abnormal appearance, in any case or doubt do not think about it and go to your doctor.

However, you should not worry because if your nail happens it does not have to stay like that forever for life, since as your nail grows that black or purple color may disappear. If the blow you received on the nail was very strong, you have to know that when the root is damaged, the nail can come off . In this case, a nail will grow back.

Easy Home Remedies Treatments for Bumpy Nails

Next I bring you a treatment so that your black nail heals quickly and in a healthy way, do not lose detail!

  • After hurting your nail, you should put your beaten finger in an infusion of chamomile. This infusion should be hot but not so hot that you burn yourself. Chamomile is a natural sedative and tranquilizer that will help reduce inflammation and pain from the blow.
  • Try moving your finger into the chamomile glass and out of it. If you cannot move or bend your finger, it may be that you have done a fracture and you should see your doctor as soon as possible.
  • You can put the nail in a glass of warm water with a lot of salt to reduce inflammation and prevent the nail from turning purple or black.

What is a subungual hematoma?

In purple or black nails from a blow , bleeding occurs under the nail (from the hands or feet) and is called a subungual hematoma . It is usually caused by a crush and severe, stabbing pain is usually felt as blood collects under the nail.

If there are no broken bones or more serious damage, having such a hematoma should rarely be a cause for concern.

Causes of purple nails or subungual hematoma

Very often a subungual hematoma is an immediate consequence of a finger injury where the fingertip has been involved. For example, it may be after hitting your finger on a door, with a heavy object, or with a hammer. It can also occur after you have dropped a heavy object such as a dumbbell on your toe.

In some cases, the injury under the nail will cause the dark black or purple area, but you do not have to worry, although it is always a good idea to go to the doctor to check it and see that the root of the nail has not been damaged.

Symptoms of a purple nail

The most common symptom when you have a bruised nail is a severe throbbing pain that is generated by the pressure of the blood that collects between the nail and the finger. A discoloration of a dark color other than black such as red, brown or purple may also appear (it can be in a part of the nail or in its entirety).

Should a nail with a bump need to be diagnosed?

If you have a subungual hematoma and it was caused by a severe blow to either a fingernail or to the foot, you will have to see your doctor as soon as possible so that he can assess the damage you have done to your finger and nail. It is necessary to know if you have broken bones or serious damage to your nail or finger tissues.

The doctor will examine your finger and purple nail  and may need to take an X-ray to confirm or rule out a fracture in your bone or other type of injury.

What to do if a nail falls off?

Nails can fall due to different factors, the most common being due to a very strong blow, having suffered an infection in the nail, inappropriate shoes or having carried out a sports activity for many hours.

Losing a nail can happen to both fingernails and toenails, but we should not be alarmed since fingernails grow in two months and toenails in four.

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We advise you to go to a specialist doctor if you suffer any abnormality in the affected finger, so that he or she can diagnose the best treatment for you.

Flesh grows under my nail, is it bad?

If you see that flesh has begun to grow under your nail, it is best to go to the dermatologist . It may just be a benign problem, but it may also be something more serious. Also, if you have observed that that nail is blackish in color, it is probably a venous problem.

What to do if I have a detached toenail on my big toe?

The first thing is to be patient. We know that it is very painful when the nail peels off, but don’t worry because it usually heals in a few days. Cut or file the nail, clean the finger well with saline solution, and then cover it with an adhesive bandage.

Anyway, you have to know that depending on what has been the cause of your detachment, it will be recommended that you go to the doctor. And it may have been due to a fungal infection, injuries, or even taking certain medications such as those given to cancer patients. If you have doubts, contact a professional.

How to remove a peeling nail?

If a nail has come off, you have to clean your finger with serum, and then take a pair of nail clippers to cut everything you can . Next, grab a file to clean up those shorter, stubborn parts. Do it carefully, as it can be annoying and even painful.

Best tips to take if a nail falls off

  • First, you must clean the area : once the nail has fallen off, you must thoroughly clean the affected area with warm water and neutral soap.
  • Find out the reason : it is important to know what the reason has been that the nail has fallen off. If it has been due to a blow, it does not mean anything serious, although if the infected area is seen, you should go to a specialist doctor.
  • Keep the area protected: once the nail has fallen off, you must be careful and keep the area free of friction so as not to infect the nail. If it has not fallen completely, it must be cut to avoid more serious pain and injury. You should keep that area dry and you can put a bandage not too tight so as not to cut off circulation.
  • Take medicines: you can take medicines to alleviate the pain, the ideal is to take painkillers, although if it has fallen due to a fungus, it is essential to treat it with an antiseptic.

Latest recommendations to consider

Finally, we will tell you these recommendations that you can carry out to avoid suffering this problem in the future:

  • Wear comfortable shoes where your foot can breathe and is not tight.
  • Wear sandals or flip flops when you are in a community shower in a gym or sports space.
  • Wash your feet every day and dry them well.
  • Use foot powder
  • Disinfect all your pedicure instruments , every time you use them clean them with a cotton ball .

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