How to remove oil from hair | tricks that really work

How to remove oil from hair

The people who have oily hair , you know that How to remove oil from hair? its not easy task. When it seems that we can enjoy really beautiful and shiny hair, a short time later, we already notice how it is getting dirty. So if we look for a reason there may be quite a few. Sometimes it is a hair problem but it is derived from other genetic and hormonal factors.

Sometimes we see how the scalp is the one that produces more sebum than usual . We will be able to notice this more at some times such as adolescence or during pregnancy and other changes that can occur throughout our lives. If you want to remove the oil from your hair , do not miss the following tips and tricks because they will really work for you.

Why do I have so oily hair?

As we have already announced, it is not a question that has only one answer. In addition to genetic or hormonal problems, which always affect, there are more. Believe it or not, washing your hair in the wrong way can be one of the steps by which we have oily hair.

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Using products that our hair does not tolerate or washing it more than necessary can speed up the process. This is because many shampoos or perhaps conditioners affect the PH of the skin . So, we must use specific products for our hair and wash it every other day.

Tips to remove oil from hair

Avoid heat

Hot water is one of the culprits for fat production . So, take advantage of the good weather to wash your hair in warm water. If you can’t tolerate the cold, then you can only apply it in the last rinse. In this way, you will wear shinier and silkier hair. The same goes for dryers and irons. Let the hair air dry.

Don’t brush it

Although we know that brushing can be very good for the hair, in this case not so much. It is best not to comb it too much or brush it . Because if we do, we will be stimulating the sebaceous glands. You will wash your hair and comb it to detangle it, but little else.

Do not touch it

Sometimes it is almost inevitable and even for many people, an uncontrollable gesture. The touching her hair is essential when you are bored or nervous. Well, we must try not to. More than anything because it will get dirty and you will look more greasy.

Remedies How to remove oil from hair

Talcum powder

Nothing like talcum powder to remove oil from hair . You will have to sprinkle them around the root zone. Then, you will comb to remove most of them and you will see the change. If you have very wavy or curly hair, you can use the dryer for a few seconds to remove all the product.

Lemon juice

You will need the juice of two lemons that you will mix with two glasses of water . With this mixture you will have to do the last rinse. You will let it rest for a few seconds and remove it again with water. Remember that lemon can lighten hair somewhat if it is exposed to the sun. So, it is advisable to do it at night, when you are no longer going out.


In this case, we mix two egg yolks with a few drops of lemon juice . You will have to apply it to damp hair. Let it act for a few minutes and remove it with warm water. You can repeat it once every week.

Apple vinegar

We couldn’t forget the apple cider vinegar. In addition to eliminating fat, it also gives hair softness and shine . We will mix a couple of tablespoons in a glass of warm water. Again, we apply it as the last rinse and that’s it.

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