How to make your nose look smaller from the side | Makeup tricks

How to make your nose look smaller from the side

Because we are not always happy with all the parts and areas of our body. So we have an ace up our sleeve and it comes down to makeup tricks. In this case, we are going to correct your nose : Do you have a very long nose? Or maybe wide and crooked? Well now with a few simple tricks to How to make your nose look smaller from the side you can change all this.

It is true that we must always promote what we like and hide what we don’t, but without becoming obsessed. Because really every part of our face will give us personality. Simply what we will do is to qualify it a little to feel even better with it. We started!

How to make your nose look smaller from the side

We must know that we will need two bases of two slightly different shades. Since on the one hand, the lightest color will be the one that stands out and adds volume, but the dark one will do the opposite and shortens . So, it is time to use it in each case and depending on what we need.

How to correct your long noseIn this case, the darker color will be in the area of ​​the tip of the nose as well as on both sides, that is, on the fins of the nose. Because with this simple gesture and well blurred, the nose will magically shorten. At the beginning of the nose, at the level of the eyes, you can give it a touch of lighter color.

Do you have a very wide nose?

If your nose looks quite wide and you want it to appear a little thinner , then you can do the following. Both sides of the nose, starting from the top of it and up to just above the fins, we must extend the lighter base tone. We blur well, so that the lines are not noticeable, but the ‘narrowness’ of our new nose.

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You can also tint this area with solar powders and you will create an even more natural effect. When we have a wide nose, it is best not to go overboard or not wear blush directly. Because it can further enhance the effect of width.

Pointed nose

Sometimes we find that it is not a question of width or length, but that we have a pointed nose finish. A finish that rises slightly and that perhaps, we do not like too much. Well, for her there is also a simple makeup trick that consists of applying a little dark concealer in the area you want to hide . A small amount and well blended will be the basis for a perfect effect.

Small or flat nose

To be able to highlight a small nose, we have to apply the light color all over it. But if, in addition to being small, it is a bit flat, then go for a darker tone on the sides. So we will be correcting two problems at once. To do it well, you can draw the lines or the shape first and starting from them, you will have to blur completely . You are sure to get the result you want!

The aquiline nose

We all know it because it is the one that highlights that central part or of the bone more than the rest of it. So we also want to hide it whenever we can. How can we do it? Well, in this case, as we want to hide that area, we must apply the concealer or the dark base on it .

Also to complete it, you can apply a little of the same tone just on the tip of the nose, to be able to match it. In the rest, you add the lightest concealer, also including the beginning of the nose, that is, in the part that goes down between the eyebrows. When we blur everything well, we will achieve the desired effect. Haven’t you tried it yet? Then select the tones well and get to work.

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