How to decorate with vases | Decorate the shelves with vases

How to decorate with vases

How to decorate with vases? There are many accessories that we have to decorate the house, but without a doubt, decorating with vases is one of the great ideas . Because with them we can give you the touch of style or romantic that many rooms need. In addition, by being able to enjoy numerous finishes, we will always find what we are looking for.

So we see that, at all times, they will be the main protagonists of our home. Of course, today we are going to see how we can decorate with vases because there are several ideas that we can pay attention to. Do you want to enjoy all of them? Then don’t miss out on everything that follows!

How to decorate with DIY vases

One of the great options we have are vases that we can paint and recycle ourselves . They are usually made of glass, although it is true that other materials can also be seen. The best of all is that you can give them a second life and that they will be the most creative in your home.

In this case, you can keep several glass vases that have been for drinks, for example. After washing them well, you can paint them the same color but varying in shades, for a very creative finish. Although there are many people who opt for white for a result more consistent with all kinds of decorations.

Combine vases of different heights

Another of the firm bets that we love to see in terms of decoration is the combination of different heights in the vases . Because that way we will enjoy a more modern finish. It is true that you do not need too many to be able to make them look with a pair of them or at most three in the same place, you will have enough.

Of course, if you have a wide area and three seem few to you, then you can always increase a couple more, so that the composition continues to be irregular.

Vases on a tray

The centerpieces are another of the great ideas that we love . It is true that they can be made with flowers but also with vases. For this reason, in this case they do not come alone but it will be a tray that stars in the composition.

We would love to enjoy an idea like this that you can place both at the entrance to the home and on the tables in the living room or dining room. Try to make the tray according to the style of the vases or their color to follow the same color range. If you want a more natural environment, go for light colors and finishes in raffia or wood.

Decorate the shelves with vases

The area of ​​the shelves where we have all the books, photos and souvenirs in general, also need an addition such as vases. But in this case we have a couple of options to choose from. On the one hand, you can place a couple of these empty accessories and let their shapes or colors give them more presence, or place a flower in them.

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For a simpler and less cluttered finish if the bookcase is already so, then it is better that the vases are empty. But when you want to add a romantic touch between your favorite books, a small flower in them will be ideal. What do you prefer?

Porcelain vases

They have always positioned themselves as one of the most elegant accessories. Because porcelain transmits it that way. But it is true that in addition to that you can also find the most varied models today .

Of course, without losing an iota of that taste that we seek so much. What happens with this type of material is that it needs more prominence, so in this case it may not be necessary to have two or three, but a very showy one.

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