How to clean a leather sofa | Some beer for tough stains

How to clean a leather sofa

Do you know how to clean a leather sofa? All sofas need good maintenance and subsequent cleaning to take care of them and make them last much longer. But it is true that the sofa with a leather finish is one of the ones that most attracts our attention and therefore, surely you need some extra help than another.

Well, you are going to get them because we reveal the best steps to take and of course, the recommendations so that it stays as new for much longer . Although we know that it is not always possible with children or pets around them. Be that as it may, you cannot miss everything that follows.

How to clean a leather sofa every day

Although it is true that there are many remedies that swarm the networks, not all of them will be valid. Of course, we are not going to detract from many others either. So in this case, we are going to say that one of the fundamental steps to be able to clean a sofa of this type is to bet on removing the dust , which we well know is quickly stored.

To do this, we moisten a cloth, which is usually lint-free, and wipe it over the entire surface. We insist that it must be well drained. Still, then we will wipe it with a dry cloth to remove possible moisture.

Of course, if we have any stains and it is not only dust, then the cloth can be moistened with water but with a little soap that is of a neutral type . When passing it, you will place more emphasis on these areas and you will see how the dirt goes away in the blink of an eye. Always finish cleaning by drying it well with a dry cloth.

Some beer for tough stains

It seems that we will not only see beer on our table when it comes to a break or to toast with friends. But it could also be one of the best ideas to say goodbye to the most complicated stains on our leather sofa . To do this, what you need to do is moisten a cloth with this drink but without overdoing it.

Then, we will go to the stain in question to be able to rub until we see it and how it is disappearing. Of course, after that, remember to bet on a new cloth moistened in water and finally the dry step as we had done previously.

Egg white also for your sofa

First you are going to beat the egg white until stiff as if you were going to make a rich and fluffy sponge cake. Then, you must apply it on the stain in question and you will rub. It is true that the stain will not come out the first time, because it will surely be embedded but if you repeat the action you will see how in the end it cannot be resisted.

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So, it is another of the remedies to consider. Because although we are facing a rather delicate type of sofa, it must also be said that natural products will always be a good salvation.

How to clean a leather sofa that has marker stains?

It is very common that we get confused and that the little ones have considered that the best canvas was the sofa instead of its drawing sheets. So, as soon as you see them, what you can do is apply a little make-up remover milk and remove with a cloth, you will see that they tend to peel off quite easily.

Avoid chemicals on leather such as ammonia , because even if there are people who do use it, what you are going to achieve is that you will eliminate the shiny finish of the piece. Especially if you do it too often. What remedies do you use to clean a leather sofa?

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