How often should i dye my hair | Permanent dyes

How often should i dye my hair

We love to change our look! That is why sometimes we do not repair the damage that we may be giving to our hair. Dyes are one of the great solutions for these changes, but logically we must bear in mind that our hair needs certain breaks. Therefore, how often should i dye my hair? .

Of course, not all hair is the same and that we must always put ourselves in good hands to clear up doubts. But in the meantime, we leave you the best tips to keep in mind. Only then will you know if you are really taking care of your precious mane. What kind of dye do you use?

How often should i dye my hair

We all know, more or less, when to dye. If we have gray hair , we will notice it quickly, in the same way as if we look at the root. In both cases we know that in just over three weeks we will already need a good review of the dye. But of course, this is in our sight because later, depending on the type of dye that we usually give ourselves, the result will also be different.

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As we just mentioned, another detail to take into account is hair growth. Not all grow equally, so some need this dye more often. In this way, if we talk about frequency simply, the hair that grows more , needs a good brushing more often. If you see that after coloring your hair is very dry, then it is better to wait before coloring it again. It is best to apply moisturizing products until our hair recovers its essence.

cleaning of the ends does not hurt either or perhaps, some homemade masks with natural ingredients so that our hair recovers faster. When the damage to it is significant, it is advisable to wait a month before adding a new dye . This way we give it time to breathe and return to its base. Is it good to dye every two weeks or maybe every four? Find out according to the dye you wear!

If you dye with color baths or semi-permanent dyes

Color baths or those semi-permanent dyes are perfect options to change your look. More than anything because its effect will go away faster. But it must also be said in their favor that they will not damage as much as the permanent ones. It is a much more natural coloring and therefore without those chemicals that dry out the hair .

They can simply be perfect for opting for more vibrant colors or for adding a bit of shine and matching tones. The color will wear off in a matter of days, depending on how many times you wash your hair. As we are talking about a softer product, you do not have to wait long to change the color.

 Of course, try to leave a few days to be able to eliminate the product. In less than two weeks you can apply a new one.

Permanent dyes

When we talk about a permanent dye , then we talk about a chemical product. This causes the hair to suffer, no matter how healthy you have it. It is true that these types of dyes cover gray hair and make us have a more radical look change. But after all this, we cannot overdo it either.

More than anything because you can punish your hair a lot. For this reason, it is advisable to wait, at least three weeks. Although if you already have very damaged hair, it is always better to wait another week.

Remember that great hair care is always necessary. For washing it, it is always better to opt for products intended for care and of course, for dyed hair. Apply a good conditioner and once or twice a week, a mask for your hair type . Put aside the heat sources such as the dryer or the irons, choose to cut it and give it a new life.

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