How to Create a House Cleaning Plan

House Cleaning Plan

Creating a house cleaning plan is the key to keeping a clean and tidy home without spending too many hours at one time. Following certain daily routines is important so that dirt or clutter does not accumulate . 

Because with this, in addition to having to dedicate practically a whole day to cleaning, you will not be able to enjoy the well-being that a house should provide.

Having order at home is synonymous with peace of mind. See everything clear, in place, things clean and smelling good. It is the only way to feel that your home is your temple of peace. 

However, it is not always easy to follow this routine, either due to lack of time or disorganization. To fix it, nothing like creating a cleaning plan for the house.

What does a house cleaning plan include

All the rooms in the house do not require the same dedication and are those that must be left for occasional use. Others, on the other hand, need a minimum daily cleaning to stay clean , disinfected and in good condition. This is the first thing to organize when creating a house cleaning plan .

Daily cleaning

Every day it is necessary to clean certain rooms and items of more use in the house. The good news is that, if you follow your cleaning plan to the letter, it will take a few minutes a day to get everything perfect . These are the things that you should include in your cleaning plan for each day.

  1. The bedrooms : Every day you must ventilate well to eliminate odors and humidity that forms during the night. Stretch the sheets well and leave clothes and shoes collected. Avoid accumulating clothes on racks or armchairs where they are visible.
  2. The bathroom : Run a cloth with a bath product over the sink and toilet. The mirror should also be cleaned daily, so your bathroom will be clean every day.
  3. In the kitchen : Load the dishwasher during the day to avoid accumulating utensils in the sink, if you don’t have it, scrub after each use to prevent the kitchen from looking cluttered. Sweep and mop the floor to remove food debris.
  4. The living room : Place the sofa and cushions, place the magazines or books if you have read at night. Keep everything in its place and vacuum the carpet.

Weekly cleaning

One day a week it is necessary to spend a little more time cleaning in depth and pay attention to things that get less dirty. 

House Cleaning Plan

Vacuum the entire house, mop the floors, dust all the furniture, and do a deep cleaning in the bathroom. Change the sheets and take the opportunity to do a laundry of household linen.

Once a month

Dedicate one day a month to cleaning some important areas and elements of the house. If you have a garden or garage, this is the right day to do a good cleaning. You can also clean the windows and wash the curtains to avoid accumulation of stains and dust. 

Take the opportunity to do a small cleaning in the kitchen, go over the tiles, the interior of the furniture and discard anything that does not work.

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Organizing cleaning tasks like this will allow you to keep your house clean in a simpler and more efficient way. Otherwise, the dirt will accumulate and when the day to start cleaning comes, the hours go by and the task has barely spread. 

If you are organized and follow your own cleaning plan, created based on your needs, with a few minutes each day you will have your house beautiful and well ordered .

Because there is nothing like coming home and feeling like you are in a temple. Your house is your refuge and having it well cleaned, disinfected and according to your tastes, is the best way to enjoy it in its entirety .

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