To take care of your hair | Homemade aloe Vera shampoo

Homemade aloe Vera shampoo

We all want to take maximum care of our hair. But it is true that there are many factors that make this process not as simple as we thought at first. Therefore, we have to be prepared and what better than to make a homemade aloe Vera shampoo .

Because as we know, homemade products are always a great alternative, so in this case it couldn’t be less. We are going to enjoy one of the basic products in beauty such as aloe Vera. Do you want to know how to make a shampoo with many benefits?

What benefits does aloe Vera have for our hair?

Aloe Vera already has endless benefits in general. That is to say that both for the skin and for the hair it will always provide all the best. But in this case and for the latter we will say that:

  • It is highly hydrating . Which means that it is one of the most necessary points for our hair, avoiding dryness and frizz.

  • It strengthens the follicles , which means that the hair grows stronger, healthier and with more shine.

  • Balances sebum production . Hence, it will prevent hair from getting dirty as quickly as it sometimes does.

  • It will fully nourish you , having a healthier appearance.

  • With light massages on the scalp, circulation is stimulated .

  • It keeps the fibers much more elastic and with this, we can say that it will delay the aging of the hair .

Homemade aloe Vera shampoo

It is true that making homemade aloe Vera shampoo can be a bit complicated, but in this case we are going to enjoy some really perfect and quick options, with which we will integrate aloe Vera into our beauty routine.

Aloe Vera shampoo with a hint of honey

In order to give it the necessary softness, we will also add a little honey and this will help us with all its benefits. You need the same amount of aloe Vera as shampoo, but this one that is neutral.

For older, 5 tablespoons of honey. For everything to be well integrated, you have to blend the honey with the aloe Vera, when you have it add the shampoo, blend a little more and that’s it. You can apply it from the scalp, gently massaging it, let it act for a few minutes and wash it as usual.

Aloe Vera and essential oils shampoo

Essential oils are also necessary for our skin and for our hair . Because they nourish and because they provide us with great hydration. In this case, you also need the same amount of aloe Vera as the oil of your choice. With three or four tablespoons we will have more than enough.

One of the most recommended is jojoba oil, because it gives our hair more vitality. To do this, you need to mix the aloe Vera with 5 tablespoons of water until both ingredients are integrated, then you add the oil and keep stirring. You will apply it to damp hair, and again with gentle massages and then rinse with warm water.

Very easy aloe shampoo

There is no simpler recipe than this. You need a couple of tablespoons of aloe Vera, when you have them, you will have to liquefy it a little and for this you can help yourself with a little water. When you have a more liquid texture, you just have to add it to your shampoo .

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This way you will fill yourself with all the benefits of this ingredient. If you want, instead of the shampoo you can also do the same but adding it to the conditioner.

Wheat germ shampoo

In this case, you need three tablespoons of aloe Vera and the same amount of wheat germ and the essential oil that you like the most. You have to mix all the ingredients well, you know that you can help yourself from a blender and that’s it. Have you already tried any of these ideas?

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