Simple hairstyles for wedding guests | Step by Step

hairstyles for wedding

When we go as guests to a wedding, we look for a way to see ourselves differently to get a little out of the basic style of everyday life. However, there is a risk of choosing something too different and you end up feeling out of place. Because there is nothing worse than choosing an event like a wedding, to experiment with makeup or the type of hairstyle.

Therefore, it is best to choose simple hairstyles like these that we leave you below. So that you can wear a different look, but without ceasing to be yourself. You can even comb your hair at home, because although professionals do a great job, there is no one who knows your hair better than yourself.

Take note of these ideas , practice days before the event and surprise with some of these simple wedding guest hairstyles.

Ideas of simple wedding hairstyles for a guest

Braids are always one of the best options if you want to put your hair up in style. If you want to wear all your hair up, you can choose between a full updo, with several braids that are tied behind in a small bun. If you add some decorative element such as hairpins, flowers or a diadem, you will have a basic , elegant and perfect style to attend a wedding as a guest.

You can also opt for other types of hairstyles with braids and loose hair. If you have a long mane, curl your hair with a pair of tweezers to give the hair a lot of volume. Next, braid a section of hair, a thick braid, with a lot of body. For those with short hair, one of the simplest and most elegant options is to braid one side, picking up only part of the hair .

Loose hair and headband

If you usually wear your hair, you may look weird with some updo. In that case, it is best to add special accessories with which to achieve a more elegant style, without having to completely change the hairstyle. Work the hair so that it looks well polished, whether you want to wear loose waves or a very straight mane . Apply a finishing product, to obtain a perfect shine.

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In this case, you just have to add a complement that completely changes the look. Headbands are back in fashion and in any current store you can find endless options.

A headband that includes pebbles, balls that simulate pearls or any ornament, will be easy to place on any type of hair. You will be able to have your hair collected without having to make a very ornate or different hairstyle from the usual one.

Pigtails for all

As a last idea, we cannot ignore the very useful pigtails. They are practical, easy to do, versatile and perfect to wear on any occasion. Of course, to look on a special occasion such as a wedding, you will have to work your hair a little to wear a simple hairstyle, as well as elegant . Before doing the ponytail, work the hair very well.

Make waves with the tweezers to give your hair volume and body. If you have a long mane, you will get a gorgeous hairstyle. But if this is not your case, you can always get extensions to achieve a spectacular ponytail. Add accessories, such as a velvet bow to decorate the ponytail, some bright or striking hairpins and you can even add a small, well-defined side braid.

If you choose a simple wedding hairstyle, you can always add the exotic touch in other ways. 

A special makeup and something more ornate, accessories that attract attention or your own style, will be the ones that take center stage. Find a way to see yourself with a different look, without having to leave what you really like and make you feel good .

Because there is nothing worse than trying to change your personal image excessively , especially when it comes to an event in which you want to be perfect.

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