Tips for building | enjoying the habit of reading

habit of reading

Autumn is a special time for those who love to read. When time doesn’t invite fulfillment, outdoor activities become a great tool for reading, getting away, and relaxing. Seeing it this way and not as an obligation is undoubtedly the best way to face challenges. Get into the habit of reading.

Why do you want to gain the habit of reading? If you think this is something you simply have to do, forget it! If you think a book can be a book , it’s a source of fun and learning that will make you “stop” for a short time a day, go ahead! Today, we share with you tips for getting the habit of reading and enjoying the journey.

Choose a book to your liking | habit of reading

To begin with , simple readings of a genre that caught your attention. Do you like fantasy? Do you prefer a gripping story? Do you think there is nothing better than a good sauce? They’ll know how to advise you at your library or neighborhood bookstore. Do not be ashamed; ask and let you know.

Access to reading today is unlimited. Most of us have a library near us that we can borrow from. Free as many books as we want. This is perhaps the best way to start. If the story does not hook you, you can try another one and the money invested will not disappoint you.

Take some time a day to read

We know that most of you run around on weekdays. We won’t ask you for anything impossible, it could be the minutes you sit down for a cup of coffee, the ones that let you breathe between tasks, the minutes you wait or get on the bus, just a few minutes.

opportunity to look at your mobile phone before going to sleep. Ideally, which particular moment of a day would be a reading haven. Not a program for a moment; It’s the only way to create a habit.

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How much? We must ask ourselves the question. How much time are you ready to devote? Be realistic and remember that reading is not something you have to do, it is something you want to do and enjoy. In our experience, 10 minutes can be enough to get started.

Finding an area where you feel comfortable is where you can relax so that reading is associated with something positive. And when your ten minutes are up, try to focus on reading. To do this, it will first be necessary to eliminate other distractions such as a cell phone or television if you are at home.

Write on your calendar or app | habit of reading

If you’ve written down everything you need to do for the day on your agenda, why not write down that little piece you’re going to devote to reading? committing when you write what you need to do and therefore more likely to make it happen.

It is also recommended to create physical reminder . If you usually read at night, leave your chosen book on the nightstand. If you are going to take advantage of that short time while drinking coffee at home, leave a note on the coffee pot. You will only need to do it for two to three weeks.

Share your readings

Do you have friends or family who read regularly? Sharing what you’ve read with them will help you stay consistent in your reading habit.  Tell them what the book is about. What do you read, if you like it… Don’t you have anyone to share what you’ve read? Use networks or reading clubs.

Share your readings Pages like Goods reads or Babelio can be a great incentive to keep track of them as well as being able to exchange feelings with other users. You can do this on your social networks too, there’s a great reader community out there!

Once you have the habit of reading, physical book clubs and shared readings on networks can be a great option. Reading a book at the same pace as other contributors is very enriching when commenting and discussing with them.

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