Green Friday | What are the bases of Green Friday

Green Friday

What are the bases of Green Friday? The month of November is one of the great favorites by many, as they begin a series of sales that are triggered on what is known as Black Friday. Great discounts and some very tempting offers make us start shopping, sometimes, without really needing so many items. From there comes what is known as Green Friday .

We can say that it is a much more responsible and consumer-conscious alternative. which is also vital to keep in mind. An alternative that was born in 2015 and that we must know well, because it is convenient to celebrate it as much or more than the one known as Black Friday. From now on your Fridays will have a new color!

What is Green Friday

Although the protagonist of the month of November is Black Friday and the one that most attracts a large public, it must be said that Green Friday is attracting more and more followers and it is not surprising. What really is Green Friday? Well, this is the antagonist of Black Friday .

Since although the latter is usually bought in a compulsive way and making the credit card a little shaking, on the contrary, it will make a much more responsible consumption.

Something that undoubtedly has the great advantage for your economy but also for the planet, because it seems that we are still not aware that resources are limited.

What are the bases of Green Friday

Now we know what it really is and how it differs from Black Friday. Therefore, we are going to see what its characteristics really are. In this case, its main bases is to bet on recycling as a fundamental part. If you are going to make a purchase, always be smart and choose to help the small business .

We tend to make purchases online and of course, from the giant companies that we all already know. Perhaps it is time to bet on those who are closest to us, on those neighborhood businesses that really need it to move forward. So it seems that Green Friday is a day to raise awareness more than to opt for shopping.

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Of course, on the other hand, if you want to advance those Christmas gifts, you can also opt for the handmade details and of course, for those that are second-hand . In them you will also find low prices that you can afford and once again, we will be talking about taking advantage of the products and recycling itself.

Remember that if you do not buy on a day like this, you will also be helping the environment and your wallet. Because we always worry about both options.

Large companies also join Green Friday

It is not only an idea in itself, but it is a whole project to which large companies are also joining. Without going any further, Ikea wanted to show all its support for a day like this. Since if you are a member of the Ikea Family club you can sell your furniture, which has been from this store, and they will give you 50% more .

In this way, instead of throwing away the furniture that no longer serves you, Ikea will give them a second life, insisting on the importance of a more sustainable life. For this, on their website they have a link that will take you to the buyback service.

Remember that furniture that is assembled and better cared for will always have more value. In return they will give you a card that you can use in the store whenever you want.

What is the use of selling the furniture? To give them a new life, whether they are second or third hand, as long as they are not too deteriorated. With such a simple gesture, waste is reduced, protecting the environment , which is no longer little.

Considerably reducing the climate footprint that does stand out every time new items continue to be produced. But it is not only Ikea but Vodafone will give you great discounts on the purchase of a new mobile, if you bring the old one, also giving it a second life or opportunity. Do you join Green Friday?


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