Tricks to wake up with a good face every morning

Tricks to wake up with a good face every morning

Waking up with a good face every morning is surely something you always get. Because when it is not one thing it is another, but our skin, little rest, stress and many other factors take their toll on us. So, it is time to bet on a series of tricks to forget about it all.

We will get up and we will be every morning with an impeccable face. Yes, it may be a bit difficult to believe at first, but when you discover the tricks that we have compiled for you , you will surely change your mind. Don’t wait any longer and get to work because it’s well worth it!

Smooth your skin to wake up with a good face

Getting up with a good face is already possible, because as soon as we step on the floor of the room, we will have to go for ice. Yes, what we are going to do is clear the skin and ourselves with a little fresh. It can be done in many ways, but since we are talking about the first hour, it will always be a little lighter. To do this, take a couple of ice cubes in your hands until they cool.

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Then pass them all over your face with a light massage, emphasizing the part of the forehead, the eye area and also the neck . We can say that it is a kind of facelift, without going through the operating room. As soon as your hands warm up, touch the ice again and continue for a bit longer.

Deflate your eyelids in the morning

Many people wake up with quite swollen eyelids. Therefore, the cold will also be more than good for them. But in this case we will do it differently. We need a couple of cottons that will be soaked and drained in very cold water .

We will place them directly on our eyelids until we stop noticing that intense cold. It is an effective remedy to reduce puffiness that makes our eyes look even more tired.

Cucumber for your dark circles and bags

Sometimes we wake up just in time, but we can also make an exception and take a few minutes to ourselves. If you can, close your eyes and place a cucumber slice in each eye .

This will reduce the bags noticeably. If you don’t get it, you already know that a cold teaspoon is also great. Because the cold is responsible for decongesting and it seems that in the morning we are totally congested.

Natural yogurt mask

While you are picking up the house or even if you are taking a shower and you don’t have to wash your hair, you can take the opportunity to make yourself a yogurt mask, taking advantage of the time. You just have to apply the yogurt straight from the fridge and all over your face .

Let it act for 15 minutes and then remove with water. Without a doubt, you will enjoy smoother and more decongestant skin without applying all the cold mentioned above.

Apply a night cream

Another step to take is to apply the night cream . Because in this way, we know that he will be doing his job for hours and when we get up we will look much better. Since getting up with a good face is everyone’s dream. Hence, when you get home and remove your makeup, you can already apply the night cream.

Do not put it right when you go to sleep, but it is preferable that it works for a while before the pillow and sheets can remove it.

Sleep with your head slightly higher

It is true that each of us has our sleep routine . As much as we want to change it, it is already a little late. So if you can make an effort it will always pay off. Since if you sleep with your head slightly higher you can avoid both dark circles and bags. Of course, in addition to that, it is indicated to sleep the necessary hours and have a good rest.

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