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destiny in love

Surely you have heard that “we were destined to meet” many times . It is a common comment among those people who like to think that their relationship, far from being a coincidence, has a whole design of destiny in love behind it. Loving someone or feeling in love sometimes makes us go beyond that romantic vision to enter an almost “magical” dimension,

It is worth delving into all these mythological constructions today, from a curious point of view, to analyze them in detail. We are all aware of that special bond that we establish with our partner, but far from being submerged only in that magical and special vision, there is the need to keep our feet on the ground at all times. We all have a destiny, there is no doubt.

But never forget that we mark destiny with our choices, with our decisions . And you will always have that power of choice to decide who you love, with whom you want to share life, and who to leave if you are not happy. So let’s take a look at all these special visions about love.

The magic thread of destiny in love

You may think that it is destiny itself that casts the love letters for you. He who decides how and when to put in your path that person who will be part of your life. Having this vision is not negative, but we must be prudent.

Leaving something as important as our affective relationships in the hands of destiny, causes, in some way, that we ourselves cease to have decision-making power over what happens in our lives. It is worth balancing the scales then. Let fate seduce you, but always be the one who chooses and who decides.

Within this “very special” dimension of love, there are two curious theories that are worth remembering and that will undoubtedly make you smile.

Theory of synchronicity

There is no chance, there is synchronicity. This theory was already enunciated at the time by Carl Gustav Jung . This psychiatrist and psychologist was a forerunner with Sigmund Freud of the psychoanalytic approach, although his scientific perspective went a little further.

Jung often used to speak of synchronicity as a special and intimate connection between the individual and his environment. Sometimes attractive forces are exerted until coinciding situations are created. As it can be, for example, to be thinking of a word, and, suddenly, see that term on a billboard.

For him coincidences did not exist, But yes, people must be very receptive to the world around them to feel all those stimuli that could be related to us. Years later, this approach would begin to be related to some theories of quantum physics.

A curious field of study that, according to him, would lead us to the conclusion that people do not know each other by chance. Sometimes, the context around us is predisposed so that, simply, this meeting happens.

Theory of the red strings of destiny 

The red thread theory is also interesting from this perspective. It has its context in a traditional East Asian belief, and is well established among the Japanese people. His idea is based on the fact that when people are born, we are already predestined with the one who has to be our partner. And this union is established by an invisible thread, a red thread.

Within this eastern mythology this is identified with the idea that there is a vein that leads from our little finger to our heart. And that in turn, is tied with a red thread to that person who is predestined to be our emotional partner. 

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It is a bond that always exists. It does not matter how long it takes for these two people to meet, but that moment will happen at some point in our lives sooner or later.

When that meeting has taken place, we can never part. The bond is already stronger and that thread is already taut. If we move away we will feel excruciating pain .

We all own our destiny in love

We admit it. All the previous visions have their charm and believing in them makes our relationship even more magical and special. But several things are worth remembering. Believing in destiny in an iron way causes us to lose some control over our lives .

And that is a risk. Never lose perspective on your life and your relationships. Do not attribute present problems to external factors, nor leave situations that have to do with you in the hands of providence.

To maintain a mature, stable and happy relationship, we must be consistent and master of our own actions . Love with openness and balance, it is you who has chosen the person who is part of your life and you who has to play at all times if you are happy or not.

The moment you are not, decide what actions to take. But never give up or leave the choices you must make to “something invisible or intangible”.

Believing in these ideas is positive from a cultural point of view. From a curious and anecdotal plane. But love, personal and emotional relationships are too serious a dimension to lose any kind of control over what happens to us and what we feel.

There will always be casual encounters. Things will always happen that escape our understanding, life sometimes has its games, but remember: be the owner of your destiny at all times with your power of choice. Choose what really makes your heart happy .

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