How to do a cut crease eye makeup step by step

cut crease eye makeup

If you want to break with your eye look, learn how to create the cut crease step by step. A technique that is in full trend and that can be seen on all the catwalks in the world. In addition to being the favorite technique of the best make up artist on social networks. A special, fun eye makeup that you can create at home with a few simple tricks.

The best thing about makeup is that it is fun, it allows you to get all your creativity and enjoy the blank canvas that is your own face. Practice, try different techniques, colors and textures and every day you can go out with a totally different look. Bring out your most creative side and have fun creating a cut crease with this step by step.

What is cut crease eye makeup?

One of the most used techniques in terms of eye makeup is the Smokey eyes or the smoky eye. To create this effect, shadows have to be mixed and the blending work very well to obtain a very intense makeup with which to highlight the mobile eyelid. In contrast, there is the cut crease effect eye makeup.

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In this case, it is about creating very defined lines that clearly delimit the mobile eyelid from the immobile one . This line is not symbolic, it is not created solely with the shadows. The cut crease goes a step further, because it consists of literally creating a line with shadows, glitter, eyeliner or whatever product you want, to clearly mark the limits of the skin of the eyes.

Do you dare to create a cut crease in your eyes? Take note of the step by step that we leave below . Choose your favorite colors, it doesn’t have to be a very heavy makeup if you don’t want to. Start with neutral colors and when you see the incredible effect in your eyes, you yourself will want to try other more powerful colors.

How to create a cut crease on the eyes

Follow these steps and have fun creating cut crease eye makeup for any occasion.

  • Prepare the skin : This step is essential when you are going to make an eye makeup as powerful and worked as this one. First you manage to unify the tones of the eyelid, the colors stand out more and the makeup lasts intact for longer. Use an eye primer before starting work.

  • Apply a transition shadow : With a taupe, light beige or yellowish color, create a base over the entire eyelid that will allow you to blend the shadows much better .

  • Delimit the eye socket : In this step we are going to create the separation line between the mobile and the immobile eyelid. With a fine brush and brown eyeshadow create a line in the eye socket, you can also use an eyeliner. Blend lightly with a pencil-type brush , being careful not to remove the product.

  • At the base of the eyelashes we are going to create a very thin line that we will take beyond the corner of the eye, creating a cat’s eye shape.

  • Mark the upper eyelid : With a dark shadow, create a well-blended gradient over the line of the eye socket, without reaching the eyebrow.

  • The lower eyelid : Now choose a light shadow and apply on the mobile eyelid, blending very well.

  • Review the lines : It only remains to review the lines so that they are perfectly delimited and the cut crease is appreciated correctly.

To finish, do not forget to highlight your eyes very well using a very powerful mascara . Even if it is an evening makeup, do not hesitate to use false eyelashes to achieve wide and spectacular eyes. It works the eyebrows very well, since with this type of makeup it is necessary to show well marked, defined and defined eyebrows,

Take note of this final trick, to get well defined lines, have the eye primer or a concealer on hand. If you need to correct the line, you will only have to apply a small amount and you will have a base to work on again .

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