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combat dry face

We can have more or less dry skin, but when this affects the face, we know that it will intensify even if we do not want it. Only with the cold or the changes in temperature, we will have the sensation of that tight skin that sometimes becomes itchy or red. Do you know how to combat dry face?

We will give you the best tips so that you can show off skin that is less tight , but more silky. For this, the first step we must take is that of perseverance. Because only in this way will we achieve great results. From there, you just have to apply the advice that we propose and start showing off the great results.

A good cleansing to combat dryness of the face

Cleaning the skin is always the key to all our ills. Therefore, in this case we must wash the face with warm water, both in the morning and at night. We are going to avoid all those types of soaps that contain perfumes and that can be aggressive for our skin. If you prefer, you can bet on specific products for dryness.

Remember also that once a week it is essential to exfoliate . Of course, if you have too sensitive skin, you can extend it more over time. In this way, the care of a more radiant skin begins by eliminating all kinds of impurities and dead cells.

Wash your face with oatmeal

Do you know the benefits of oats on your skin? Well, there are many and of course, you will love them because they will leave you with a more radiant skin than you expect. On the one hand, it will relieve itching and it has a soothing action. But it is also responsible for removing impurities from the pores and of course, it prevents dehydration.

So you only need three tablespoons of powdered oatmeal, which you will mix with a glass of water. It is true that you can also do it with flakes and milk, for an equally hydrating result. Now is the time to apply it to the face, leave it on for a few minutes and remove with water.

Coconut oil

It is another of the great allies for the skin. Coconut oil is perfect for treating dry skin , more than anything because it has high hydration, which is what we are always looking for. It is true that if you have other oils at home, they could also be very useful for this purpose.

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It will provide that hydration and also the elasticity that we need and will leave us that uniform tone that we like so much. If you have it at home, use it and tell us.

Honey to combat dry face

If there is another ingredient par excellence that will provide us with the necessary hydration, that is honey . Because he is always by our side when it comes to natural remedies and in this case he was not going to be left behind.

In addition to regenerating cells, it also provides the necessary hydration, which is what we are really looking for. It will give our face more elasticity and the result we are already visualizing because it is really surprising. By simply applying a tablespoon all over the face and leaving it for about 20 minutes, we will have achieved what we were looking for. Then remove with water.

Balanced diet and drink plenty of water

It is true that on the outside we already have a series of ideas to put into practice. Thus, combating dry face will not be so complicated. But the truth is that inside we must also do our own work. This translates into a diet where vegetables and fruits are more present.

Because that way we will soak up its antioxidants and all that hydration that it also leaves us. Without forgetting that drinking water cannot be left behind either. Are you ready to combat dry skin with these tips?

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