Coconut oil for face | how to use it correctly

coconut oil for face

Coconut oil for face is one of those multi-purpose products thanks to its many benefits. Being a natural antioxidant, it is a perfect ally to use on the face . Among other benefits, it helps keep facial skin well hydrated and also prevents aging. So including it in your beauty routine will help you have prettier and younger skin.

Plus, coconut oil is easy to find, inexpensive, and can be put to many uses. Therefore, having it at home will always be a plus as a beauty ally. Do you want to find out how to use coconut oil for your face? Here are some tricks for you to include this beneficial product in your beauty routine and, above all, how to use it correctly.

Benefits of coconut oil in your beauty routine

Coconut oil is a vegetable fat extracted from the flesh of the coconut. This rich fruit is rich in vitamins E and K, contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 6, in addition to other fatty acids beneficial for the skin. All this means that coconut oil has beneficial health properties. 

Among others, it is moisturizing, has an antiseptic effect, is an antioxidant and all of this is a great ally against premature aging.

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Thanks to all these benefits, coconut oil has become a powerful natural cosmetic. Among others, it is perfect for treating delicate skin or atopic dermatitis. 

It is also used in cosmetics thanks to its anti-aging effect and more and more products can be found with coconut oil among its ingredients. Not only in creams, as it is also beneficial for the hair and the immune system .

How to use it on the face

As with any beauty treatment, before applying it it is necessary to perform a complete cleaning . In this way, the skin is prepared to assimilate and absorb all the nutrients in the product. Remove make-up from the skin with a mild milk, remove the residues with a water-based soap and pat dry with a soft towel, without dragging the skin.

With well-cleansed skin, it is ready to receive the nutrients from coconut oil . You can make use of this product in different ways. If you need a hydrating mask, apply directly to the skin. 

Take a small amount and heat it on the palm of your hand . Apply to the skin of the face and take the opportunity to massage with your fingers. You can also add coconut oil to your usual moisturizer, so you will receive its benefits every day.

Lastly, coconut oil can also be used as a makeup remover. If you don’t have your specific makeup removal products on hand, use this product as follows. 

Take a small amount in your hand, heat with your fingers and apply to the skin of the face. Scrub gently and use a makeup remover pad to help remove makeup. In this case, it is recommended to use only at night and not as a morning beauty routine.

As for how often coconut oil can be used for the face, specialists recommend using it once a day . In this way, your skin will receive all the benefits of this healthy natural product. 

Remember that it is a vegetable fat that can be used for many things. If you have dry hair, a mask with coconut oil will be of great help to recover damaged hair.

In the kitchen, you can use coconut fat to prepare your favorite desserts and dishes with a very healthy fat. You can even add it to your desserts to replace other fats such as sunflower oil. In addition, coconut oil adds a special, different and unique flavor. Perfect for all lovers of healthy food and a food as special as coconut.

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