First readings for a church wedding

church wedding

Have you decided to get church wedding ? If so, you are probably already providing information about yourself. church requirements to celebrate the wedding and consider the most important details, such as the dress you will wear to the altar or the banqueting venue. But what about the readings for the wedding?

At a religious wedding, the choice of readings for the ceremony is of great importance. Ideally, choose the right people who represent you as a couple or that you both like and read.

We at fashion4pk wanted to help you with that, as we know that there is never enough time when it comes to preparations. First reading choice for wedding. How? Making a selection from five texts of the Old Testament to which this should belong.

Tobias 8, 4-8

“On the wedding night, Tobias said to Sarah: “Woman, get up, let us ask the Lord to have mercy on us and protect us.” He stood up and began to pray, asking God to protect them. I pray: “You are blessed, the God of our ancestors and blessed be your name forever. Heaven and all your creatures bless you forever. You created Adam and created his wife Eve as help and support; from both of them the human race was born.

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“It is not right for man to be alone, I will make someone like him, I will help him.” You said. If I marry this cousin, I’m not trying to satisfy my passion, I’m moving forward faithfully. Deign to have mercy on him and me and let us grow old together. They both said, “Amen, Amen.”

Ecclesiastes 4, 9-12

“Two are worth more than one, because their efforts bear more fruit. If one falls, help him get up. Woe to the one who falls and has no one to lift it! If the two lie together, they will warm up; alone, how will it warm? Only one can be beaten, but two can resist. Three.” Stranded rope does not break easily!’

Song of Songs 2.8-14 | church wedding

“Here he comes, darling, jumping over the mountains, over the hills! He’s my darling like a deer, my darling is a fawn. Look: standing behind the wall, looking out the windows, through the railings. My lover speaks and says to me: “Get up, darling, come to me! Because winter has passed, the rains have stopped, flowers have bloomed in the meadows, it’s time to prune, the crowing of doves is heard in the fields; the fruits at the tip of the fig tree, the vine in the flower spreads the perfume.

Get up, my love, beautiful, come to me! My dove, where you nest in the hollows of the rock, in the crevices of the valley, let me see your figure, let me hear your voice, because your voice is so sweet and your figure is beautiful ».

Hosea 2, 16.7. 21-22

The Lord says: “I will take my unfaithful wife Israel into the wilderness. And I will speak with the heart. There he will answer me, just as in his youth, as when he left Egypt. Israel, I will marry you forever. We will unite in justice and righteousness, in everlasting love and compassion. I will marry you faithfully, and then you will know the Lord ».

Corinthians 13, 1-8

Although I speak all the languages ​​of men and angels, if I have no love, I am like a ringing bell or a ringing circle. Even if I had the gift of divination, even if I knew all the secrets and all the science, even if I had all the faith, even if I had a faith that would move mountains, if I didn’t have love, I’m nothing.

Even if I distribute all my possessions to feed the poor and burn my body to the flames, if I do not have love, it is of no use to me. Love is patient, helpful; Love does not envy, does not boast, does not inflate itself, does not behave modestly, does not seek its own interests, does not get angry, does not take into account the injustice received, does not care.

He rejoices in injustice, but rejoices in the truth. Love forgives everything, believes everything, expects everything, supports everything. Love never ceases to exist”.

Did you enjoy any of these readings for your church wedding?

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