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One of the first decisions a married couple must make is the type of wedding they want, civil or religious. If both you and your spouse have decided to marry religiously , there will be certain requirements that you must meet, according to the principles of the Catholic Church.

What are these conditions for getting married in church? The main thing is to go to your parish to find out what kind of documents you need to submit before celebrating the wedding. After meeting with the parish priest, collecting pre-nuptial and necessary documents for opening the marriage file.

learn in your neighborhood

Have you decided to get married in church? The first step is to go to the congregation where you want to get married at least one year in advance, inform you of all the requirements and schedule the connection.

The parish priest will keep you informed of both. The documents you need to submit are received with two witnesses before you celebrate your Catholic religious wedding, as well as the schedule of premarital courses you must make and the promises you must make a few months before the wedding.

go to premarital course | Catholic Church

It is one of the conditions of marriage in the church. They consist of a series of sessions. with emphasis on some biblical concepts and religious commandments on family and life reflecting together, potential difficulties, conflict resolution, and marriage and sexuality.

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Face-to-face sessions are usually group sessions. , they meet different couples and parish priests who are interested in getting married inside. It can be done in any congregation or even online if it is impossible for any member of the couple to attend in person. Not all churches offer these, but more and more are betting on these online courses as an alternative.

When should they be done? They usually cost several sessions, so the ideal is to take the marriage course six months before marriage to avoid stressing out unduly when the date approaches.

Choose two witnesses for words to be taken

Another requirement for getting married in church is taking vows, a process in which both the married couple and spouse participate. two witnesses representing each member of the couple . These witnesses must meet a number of requirements: be of legal age and not related by blood to the contracting parties. They cannot be relatives, but they need to know the future spouse in depth.

Witnesses will be responsible for verifying by answering a series of questions asked by the parish priest. He said that you are freely married and there are no obstacles to that. It will be the parish priest who will set a date for this meeting, which is usually held two or three months before the wedding.

Gather your documents | Catholic Church

It will be the parish priest who will inform you of a set of essential documents you need to submit to open the marriage file, but we guess the requirements for a Catholic wedding are already in place. same in different Spanish dioceses . You will need:

  • Photocopy of DNI , passport or residence card of each member of the couple.

  • A photocopy of the Family Book of the parents in which your name appears.

  • Baptism from two wives. You should request it from the congregation where you were baptized, stating your name, surname, and year of baptism.

  • The actual birth certificate is each of the bride and groom. It is usually requested by appointment at the birthplace registry office.

  • Certificate of faith and status . Generally by appointment, the Population Register corresponding to your usual address is requested in the population register.

  • get the lyrics .

  • Premarital course certificate .

If one of the spouses is widowed or previously married, in the first case, the spouse’s marriage certificate and death certificate, in the second case, the divorce certificate will be requested.

The Spanish State considers canonical marriage legal, so you do not have to celebrate the marriage before at the Census Bureau or court. However, if you have your civil marriage certificate and its photocopy, you should also have it with you.

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