The most flattering hair tones for brunette women

brunette women

If you are one of those who want to change their look and opt for colors, then you cannot miss these ideas. Do you know what are the most flattering hair tones for brunette women ? They are many and very varied, so, we are going to present them to you.

Original dyes for quite radical changes, for the most part. The dark color of the hair and skin make each of the colors we choose more intense. This will make our hair have a more than special shine. Discover the dyes that will impress you!

Most flattering hair tones for brunettes

Although surely there are many hair tones that favor you , here we leave you the best ones. Brunette women often have chocolate shades for their hair. One way to intensify its effect. Of course, you can also opt for the highlights a little lighter. Similarly, bright and original hues are not far behind.

  • Brown highlights : Undoubtedly, one of the ways not to opt for radical changes are the highlights. Within them, you can only opt for a little shine in your hair. That is, dark hair tends to opt for chestnut, hazelnut or honey. In this way, your features will be reinforced thanks to these shades. But yes, without too intense changes, in case you later regret it.
  • Mauve color : Of course, if you are one of the women who take risks, then the mauve color has come into your life. A color that is displayed in a gradient . In the root zone and up to the middle part, we will let the mauve color be more intense. For the area of ​​the ends, the mauve color turns to a lighter violet. A dynamic and fashionable effect.
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  • Pink tint : Without a doubt, another of the colors that always triumph in hair is pink. The pink color for the dye can give us a perfect match. On the one hand, this season we have seen how rose gold was one of the trendsetters . On the other hand, we can also add a more intense fuchsia pink and continue combining it with touches of purple.
  • Bluish-white hair : Although many of us strive to cover gray hair, it does not always have to be that way. White or gray hair always sets trends. So much so that you can also add a touch of color to it. Let a tone like blue be the one that marks your features the most and highlights the color of your skin .
  • Green tint : Would you dare with a green tint ?. There are many women who already have it. A perfect shade for brunette women . It is always best to test before applying it all over your hair. We can always choose to add it in the area of ​​the tips. In the same way, try that the hair is not very long. You can combine it with a makeup of the most varied. Brown, pink and even purple tones will be perfect to highlight a dye like this.
  • Red dye : Of course, the red dye had to be among the most flattering hair dyes. Although there are many shades that we can obtain from the color red itself, For the most daring, nothing like an intense red. For those who prefer highlights, you can opt for a wine tone, burgundy . There will always be a tonality waiting for you!

If you are a brunette and want to change these upcoming parties, it is clear that you have options for all tastes. From the most striking colors, to the less pronounced changes. Discover a new life for your hair , which will surely surprise you in a very pleasant way.

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