Black kitchens | a trend with personality

black kitchens

Are you thinking of changing your kitchen? Have you considered betting on a kitchen in black? Black is currently a rising trend in kitchens. Some time ago few dared with this color, but with the rise of open spaces, black kitchens have become an alternative with personality.

A kitchen in black color stands out not only for its overwhelming personality but also for its avant-garde aesthetics . It is true that this color requires a large place with abundant light to shine, but we should not give up this color because some of those requirements fail as you will see below.

Black on black

Do you want a black kitchen? If the square meters are not a problem , do not think about it! Black will give the kitchen an urban and modern air, perfect for adding personality to large open spaces that were previously unremarkable.

This type of kitchen will shine especially if you bet on furniture in matte tones. What a contradiction, right? These tones are currently preferred to create minimalist spaces in which the furniture stands out for its apparent simplicity and the electrical appliances are integrated into them or are also designed in this color.

Are black kitchens exclusive for large spaces? Not at all, forget what they have told you! Even if you have a small kitchen, you can bet on this color. 

Of course, you will have to illuminate the space by painting ceilings and walls white, betting on a light floor and avoiding placing tall cabinets. Black cabinets are visually very heavy and by doing without them you will be able to considerably lighten the room.

Nuances in other shades

Not convinced to bet on total black? If there is something good about black, it is that it combines with everything. Pair black furniture with other whites for an updated classic space. Go for gray to bring modernity or contrast black with wood tones to achieve a more welcoming space.


The play that a classic grain marble brings to a black kitchen is fantastic. Incorporate it into the kitchen front and countertop for a classic but updated space. 

modern white kitchens

This is not the only resource to break the hegemony of a black kitchen. You can also bet on lower furniture or a white island. And don’t forget about the little details; some accents in golden tones are the most successful when dressing your kitchen in black.


If you are looking for an avant-garde kitchen, you will not go wrong combining black with gray. Is there a color that has gained more integers indoors than gray in the last decade? 

gray kitchen

Marble and other stones are a great resource to fit into a black kitchen, but so is concrete. The first ones will bring a greater sophistication to the kitchen, while the concrete will print a unique avant-garde and industrial touch to it.

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Another great resource that will also help to illuminate the kitchen is to combine black furniture with others in gray tones, placing these on top.   Choose furniture with a minimalist aesthetic and add richness to the kitchen by incorporating different materials such as quartz or ceramics.


Does black seem like a very cold color for a family space like the kitchen? Wood can help you smooth it out. Both wood and black have a great decorative force, but combined they complement each other perfectly, achieving spaces with a sophisticated and warm aesthetic.

Wood kitchen

There are many types of wood and although lately they are the lighter woods, characteristics of the Nordic style, the ones that have enjoyed greater prominence are not the ones that we propose to complete a black kitchen. Woods in medium and dark tones seem much more suitable for black kitchens.

Base cabinets in black and upper cabinets in wood is a tandem with which you cannot go wrong, but there are other more current and risky options. Look at the image above; Combining modules of both colors in the upper area or opting for wooden furniture reserving black for the front and the kitchen island are excellent alternatives.

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