Black Friday scams | most common scams during Black Friday!

black friday scams

The vast majority of both physical and online stores have been offering numerous offers for some days. But the big day arrives this Friday, November 26 with the long-awaited Black Friday . Surely you already have a long list with all those products that you are going to buy and advance certain Christmas purchases but, beware black Friday scams!

Because it is a time when cybercriminals will try to take full advantage of a moment like this, in which many people launch themselves in search of the most incredible offer. Although you always have to be careful, do you want to know the most common black Friday scams?

Be wary of products almost given away on Black Friday

Well, both on Black Friday as a general rule. It is true that there are several times of the year in which discounts are present, both for days like this and for sales. But it is true that when it comes to very good products at really low prices, then distrust comes and it is as it should be.

Because they usually appear on social networks, as offers or raffles for which you have to ‘like’, comment or click on the links to add our data and share. There you have to be too careful because with an innocent ‘click’ it can be a torment for the client. Since they will steal your data in the blink of an eye.

Receive a message or e-mail from the transport companies

It is very common for us to make purchases online and for them to arrive at our house with total comfort. It’s something we’ve been doing for years. But for that very reason, criminals also want to benefit from this step.

Hence, sometimes, it is not so strange to receive an e-mail from the parcel service. Said e-mail, as it has its logo, does not leave us suspicious at first, in addition to usually containing the tracking number and it is something that we all need.

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Well, opening the email itself is not entirely bad, but accessing the link that appears inside is. Because it will be there where they can enter our archives and create a serious problem for us. For it is logical that we make sure well before entering.

If you have made the order from a well-known website, you can enter your client area and it is sure that the status of said order will be there. Or they will send you the notification with your name, without asking for more additional information.

The impersonation of well-known companies or businesses

most common scams during Black Friday!

Although it may not seem like it, it is another of the most common Black Friday scams. Of course, to make sure that you are on the website you want, in the one you trust, you will see how there are discounts on it, but not as low as the one that impersonates it .

Therefore, the issue of prices can also be one of the best clues. It is true that we want low prices, but there are some offers that it is almost impossible to believe. Always make sure that you are on the correct website, look for opinions outside of it and choose to access the sections of it where it indicates where they are from or who they are.

Always make sure of the purchase conditions but also return on Black Friday

In every purchase we make it is always one of the fundamental steps, be it Black Friday or not. There must be a kind of clauses that offer the client with all the data and well explained . That is, what are the terms of purchase but also of the return and its steps, if necessary.

Because sometimes the low prices mean that we have to keep a product that can come with problems and it will give us more if we try to return it.

Beware of typo squatting | Black Friday scams

When writing without looking at the keyboard is still not our thing, it may be that in the address bar, we put the web we want to access wrong. Well, if you write badly, you can get to pages that have viruses or perhaps other fraudulent purposes.

They are websites that, as we say, resemble the originals but change in some letter, although they also try to resemble each other in appearance. This year shop responsibly on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday and it’s always legal sites!

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