How and why to avoid Black Friday consumerism?

Black Friday consumerism

Black Friday is coming , one of the most anticipated dates for many and will be celebrated on November 26 this year. This shopping “party” of American origin attracts more and more buyers in our country with discounts and big marketing campaigns and triggers consumption at that time. so what’s wrong with that? You will wonder.

Parties like Black Friday invite consumerism, a trend towards consumerism. excessive and unnecessary consumer goods and products. A sustainable lifestyle that is rarely compatible with less responsible consumption . This is what we want to avoid by sharing with you how and why to avoid Black Friday consumerism.

Why you should avoid consumerism on Black Friday

Parties like Black Friday encourage us to buy and buy . Through the marketing campaigns reviewed, they do what we don’t really need. This is one of the dangers of buying products that we both do not save on and spend unnecessarily. However, this is not the only reason to avoid consumption; unsustainability and damage to the local economy are also factors that need to be addressed.


As consumers, we have a very important duty. We can make decisions about our purchases, bet they’re more respectful. environment and sustainability criteria. For this, it is essential to find out what is behind a particular product and alternatives to decide freely.

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But Black Friday thrives on immediacy. They offer us solutions to improve our living conditions or situation and reward us with false satisfaction when we achieve them. We are bombarded with thousands of products to not give us time to think about whether we really need a particular product, fair conditions with the planet or other people, where far less is produced, distributed and sold.

Damage to the local economy

Encouraging consumption does not always create wealth. Such parties are a clear example of this. Large operators and online sales focus on this party’s big business, which often has a negative impact on small businesses. And this black Friday is on the rise? The gap between small retailers and large supermarkets , dynamite, in addition, the Christmas campaign, very important, one of the first.

Small savings opportunities

While you can find certain products at a very good price, and overall the percentage of products that lower their price is higher than the percentage of those that raise or maintain it, it’s hard to find big savings opportunities on Black Friday, according to the OCU . Beware of advertising campaigns, which in most cases are deceptive! makes us believe that this is the best time to buy a product when it is not.

How to consume responsibly? | Black Friday

How many transitions from all this drive to consumerism are possible. So does consuming responsibly on Black Friday. Research tells us that after the first summit that such “parties” provide, more people feel guilty about the consequences for their economy. The tips we share today are geared towards avoiding it.

  1. Don’t get caught up in triggers and be aware while consuming. Black Friday marketing campaigns will bombard us with countless messages that will give us a thousand reasons to consume. Be aware of this and avoid buying something for the fact that it’s cheap, trendy, or facilitates your membership in a group.

  2. Avoid urgency. New technologies allow us to buy what we want from anywhere with one click. This proximity encourages more consumption, but also more spending. Don’t buy anything you don’t plan to buy.

  3. Make a list and set a budget . Make a list of things you need; It’s not what you want or want to have, it’s what you really need. Don’t wait the same day to do it, start now. Compare the current prices of each product and determine the maximum price you are willing to pay for it on Black Friday. Also set a maximum total budget for that day and respect it!

  4. Choose where to buy . You choose where to buy. In your task of comparing the prices at which a particular product moves, write down the terms of purchase and even the characteristics of the company that produces and distributes them. You have a responsibility as a consumer, remember that!

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